Wednesday 6 July 2011

From today, the stuff I can say

OK so have got a few things I can post about. It’s quite restricted and I can only apologise for that. I hate the “Something exciting is coming but we can’t say!” shite as much as the rest of you, but rest assured that if I thought it was a load of old bollocks then I would say so here. Also while I am obviously omitting the majority of what Mythic showed us today and from my lack of RAGE™ obviously I don’t think it’s a load of old bollocks, I don’t want to overhype it either. It’s not a 3rd faction or one of those second coming of MMO awesome things we’ve talked about before, but it is an interesting development. I wouldn’t even bother speculating to be honest.

So anyway, what I can say for now..

Patch 1.4.4 is due in August, but I didn’t catch when 1.4.5 was due. I’m a little mixed up over what was coming in which patch, you can blame dodgy streaming over Skype for that confusion.

Fortresses are in development right now. There will be developer discussion posts going up about them. The intention is for them to not work like they used to and instead to be something you do alongside the main campaign. The concept of DAoC style relic raids are of course being played with. I know we’ve been here before with forts, but there was some significant and lengthy discussion about them today and currently forts are expected for 1.4.5. Watch the forums for the dev posts.

Mythic are working on the “defensive win” style rewards/bonuses/things. Something that will make people to want to defend zones, keeps and objectives.

Ranged Careers are being focussed on for 1.4.4; in particular Shadow Warrior, Magus and Engineer were mentioned.

ORvR development and improvements continue to be worked on. Also PvE’s relation to WAR and RVR is being pondered on, it’s not as ruled out as in the past, not that RvE is desired of course.

Mythic have been going through WAR’s zones, dungeons and even areas that didn’t make it to WAR live, looking for areas that make for good places to smush faces. These are being looked at for reworking into new scenarios and the like, just as we’ve already seen with College of Corruption and Eternal Citadel for example. A lot of areas were mentioned from all over the game, for example the Library in Land of the Dead. Basically Mythic are really trying to make the most of the wasted assets they already have.

OK, there's probably more that I've not remembered or couldn't hear properly (Skype video can be dodgy and my daughter was choosing to be quite chatty...). Keep an eye on the other bloggers.


  1. SW,magus and engy? no love for the squiggy?

  2. I'm not sure. I didn't specifically hear it mentioned, but they did say Ranged DPS, so don't rule it out.

  3. @Nergie

    Thought the same thing when I read it. =)
    We'll see.

  4. No word on making it free? damn.

  5. Ranged Careers are being focussed on for 1.4.4; in particular Shadow Warrior, Magus and Engineer were mentioned.

    --- YEAH

  6. Thanks for bringing this to us Mr.B

  7. If they are looking at re using assets, can we imply that the other Stars Wars Game is sucking up a lot of people?

    Personally I'd prefer if they didnt do this big day thing and then expect you to stay quiet about it, I find it mildly annoying. Building expectation and then not delivering, didn't work last time.

  8. Not happy. Shadow warriors already crit for 7k on fester and 3k on ee spammable / 2k dots. They need a nerf more than a buff.

  9. "Not happy. Shadow warriors already crit for 7k on fester and 3k on ee spammable / 2k dots. They need a nerf more than a buff."


  10. Folks still waste cash and time on this game? Folks still go gaga over empty promises? Removed content back?

    Hey I got a shit sandwich I want to sell you but it wont be cheap. Ofc you will get two. No wait! You pay for Warhammer online, still, so you will get 10.

  11. Only a waste if you don't enjoy playing it, same as any product. I would consider any money spent on WoW, Aion, etc a total waste of time and cash since they don't interest me. Paying money for any MMO is ultimately a failed and only temporary investment.

  12. Posting on sites about a game to troll people for playing it is way more retarded than paying for and playing that game could ever be.

  13. They pay for, play and enjoy it. You troll for free? I'm pretty sure we get more enjoyment in WAR than you do here.

    Thanks for the update Bootae.
    The fact that you are not pulling your hair out and saying 'f this game' like you did when rift came out is semi-reassuring.

    I have no real expectations, but I enjoy the game as it is.

  14. maybe they'll rename the rank 90 title of marauder 'Conquerer' to 'Conqueror' so I can actually use it with pride instead of hiding a typo

  15. Eh, this is sort of a letdown. Didn't really merit any hype. File under "I'll believe it when I see it and even then it probably won't be much." I was hoping for F2P.

  16. I guess I had hoped to hear some more. These events are useful to keep the player base involved but they don't do anything for us ex-players. I follow WAR's development in the hope that something may come along to get me back in the game, with some interpretation on my part it looks like the interesting development will be released in 2 or 3 patches time i.e. 4-6 months. This seems incredibly distant.


  17. there is NEVER love for the squigies.. Hardly any updates for them at all.

  18. dear anonymous,
    SW's can do decent damage once in 2 minutes(VoN CD+m2). And they do it if target lack of any and every aspect of defense, including the chance of being crit.
    On the other hand, Sorc/BW duo can burst you down anytime.
    I'm really curious about survival update. Last survival&boost update gave us -12x toughness....

  19. Ranged PhDPS rebalansin - that's good, OK...
    But wait!
    Why they'r not said no fnckin word about SQUIG HERDERS???

  20. Well, I played this game as SM for 2.5 years and quited a month ago. When I saw Mythic plans for the future patches I just realised that I will never come back and pay subscription for this BS. Not only they persistently ignore SM's but they basically removed armor as the last advantage Tank archetype had in this game. Now any Tank except of Chosen/KoBS is useless. Tank were melted down by magic RDPS before and now ANY PDPS capable of killing the Tank. This game sucks and goes directly to project closure.

  21. WTF I love dunegeons and PvE, But 1 big problem. How the F!@# are you going get anyone there?!?! The place is barren to empty 98% outside a T1 Empire/Chaos warcamp. I can't even get people to do Hunter's Vale(WTF put cloak back!) where people are around! This game will die soon I'm sure and that makes me sad =(


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