Sunday 10 July 2011

I am a liar apparently

It has been quite funny reading the forums since visiting Mythic last week. Lots of jumped up little pricks who’re desperately slagging the bloggers off and making wild unfounded accusations about our playtimes, game knowledge and personalities. I particularly laughed at being called a liar by Gemmi, as that’s rather amusing all things considered. Yet the problem is these people just don’t know anything about us, certainly they don’t know dick about me. That much is obvious from the bollocks being said. So in turn, as I am under no obligation to say nice things about them, I’ll make an assumption about their motives based upon their posts and consider them a bunch of mindless, bitter retards who can’t cope with the possibility that someone else got priority over them. I mean come on you deserve it don’t you, you are the most important person in the world, your gran always said so. Seriously kids, bitterness and jealousy are terrible traits.

It’s not my fault I got invited by Mythic and you didn’t, I wasn’t expecting it and don’t tell me you would have turned down the chance if you’d been offered. Likewise, being hit by an NDA isn’t my fault, I am as frustrated by it as anyone. Also I have been very clear in saying don’t get hyped up, because whilst I am cautiously optimistic I’m not that excited. If you read that as promises of great wonder, then you fail at reading more than I fail at writing.

I do think that in future it needs to either be open for us to talk about, or have a NDA initiated from the start so nobody else gets told anything is happening at all, but it wasn’t like that, so deal with it, just don’t shoot the messenger. It makes you look a touch mental.

This post is of course both a bit of a troll and troll bait itself, but I’m hoping for some awesome and witty responses. The bile spouted so far has really been quite basic and ill informed; I think you can do better. There’s not really been much decent trolling to read on the official WAR forums or WHA in ages and I know many people are missing the drama.


  1. Actually i find that gamers in general atm are the most spoilt whiney unappreciative brats ever. I find it doubly odd as the rpg community has in my eyes always been a helpful and selfless community. However with the explosion of mmo's in general this has turned into a selfish me wantz now attitude that seems to override everything else. The idea that an mmo is a framework and players make excitement is lost on too many people and want everything handed on a plate. This sadly seems to pervade life as i see all to often in kids in my other world of RL working as a teaching assistant. All my problems with mythic atm are actually if you look at it due to EA more than mythic. They have run the game down since pretty much day 1. But blaming bloggers for getting the shiny is proper chomp ba chooey chooey chomp moments of peoples deluded minds. Should imo they do these things differently yes. But as you say, dont shoot the messenger.

  2. For the record i think blizzard have a lot to answer for this as they took what was a good game and dumbed it down and dumbed it down to the point where a chimp with a club bashing a keyboard could play it and win and the focus on gear scores etc has fostered the thinking gear is all people want. I want a good challenge with good people. Sadly the challenge in war is either too little (pve) or too much (rr100 premades)

  3. Well.. I remember playing MUDs and UO etc long before the "explosion" of MMOs becoming mainstream and popular. While there was always degrees of cliquehood, politics and popularity contests I think we can agree that ANY medium that brings more than a small handful of people together in an anonymous environment is going to end up that way. That said, for the most part people were helpful, nice and constructive.

    These days pretty much everyone is a total dick and should probably have been thrown at a wall at birth with the resulting smatter photographed for posterity and perhaps displayed in a modern-art gallery entitled "Phew! Well spotted!".

    PvP games are only going to encourage the worst for the simple fact that nobody likes losing and certainly nobody likes losing due to any perceived unfairness or imbalance. Frustration breeds anger, anger brings out the trolls, trolls bring out more anger and there's your average MMO community right there.

    Good luck on hoping for anything resembling sense or maturity from such a strange and twisted phenomenon. :D

    PS: You are a fool and a liar! hah!

  4. Hah yeah :D I don't expect much from people really, I realise that in the main humanity is a pile of shite and that gamers over the internet pretty much exemplify that ;)

    But I was a bit bored today watching Alonso winning Silverstone, so thought I'd see if I can prompt some more hate mail. It's been a while since the last proper one...

  5. Let people find out you're female - then just sit back and wait for the YOU MUST BE A CHEATER mails to come rolling in :D.

  6. That's one reason I do not frequent the official forums much, if at all. Very little in terms of redeeming discussions.

  7. Unless you are Liandel. Then you are a cheater.

  8. Having been unable to play WAR for the past month or so, and having missed Sigmar's Tide entirely, the forums have been my only source of game drama. I agree that they were getting a bit dull, but the recent blogger visits, and the resultant hoo-haa by the usual suspects on the forums, has been entertaining.

    It is always fun to watch them take a fairly small amount of actual information, and come up with wild speculations that they then decide are 'facts', followed by hating Mythic for making these 'fact' changes to the game. The subsequent flaming is hotter than anything a BW could throw out, even pre-nerfs. It's like a little, predictable soap opera.

    Can't wait to see how they react when whatever news is coming finally drops! :D

  9. Hello Bootae. Don’t be annoyed with idiots :).

    I am a longtime reading your blog and what I find strange about this is I know you always be honest and say if you think Mythic are doing something bad. If what you saw at Mythic was stupid I am sure you would say and if it was good you would to. You said it “There is something happening that is a big deal and has a lot of potential.” but you also said you are not that excited. I find it hard to think what you would say is a big thing and also wouldn’t make you excited? Its like you are not sure what to think of what you saw?

  10. I left the game early in the year and your blog is one of the ones I still read for good WAR information. The forums in all games are filled with doom and gloom forecasts.

    I hope something big comes out of the WAR team. This game and it's players deserve it. I've seen a lot of new games this year and all of them have used concepts and artwork that originated in WAR.

  11. +1 for you being a fairly even-handed observer.

    Separate from that, I'm rather nervous about what they showed you, just because it seems like another instance of Mythic going off and spending significant development time on something apparently nobody wanted or needed enough to ask for or even think off. I certainly hope it's better than say finishing the other 4 cities to use as alternate scenario/city siege maps. There's a ton of ideas and suggestions on the class and future directions forum, already discussed and worked over by the community, that just seem to have no impact on what Mythic actually does.

  12. Priceless, best good fun ive had since we doued people in TM last night with peww peww ghostbuster streams.

    Made my day so far, keep on trolling! :P

  13. Gemmi is an idiot anyways, and so is the rest of Orz. Funny thing is, in spite of their attempts at e-peen, they're not even the best 6-men on Destro side... Night Lords are significantly better.

  14. MUDs... come on Luranni, you're showing your age now. Anyho, I started with MUDs as well: Discworld to be precise. Long time ago, 17 years believe it or not. >.<


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