Sunday 24 July 2011

Skyrim Gameplay video AKA DO WANT! - updated

I just had a little bit of excited wee creep out. Updated link,...

HD link here.


  1. Very attractive gameplay. I think it would be some rythmous battles. :)

  2. Video doesn't work :p

    But yes, I want badly :)

  3. There's all that footage, and some more, in this interview with the lead bloke from Bethesda from E3, in which he describes a load of stuff like levelling and dragons as well

    Been playing Fallout 3 the last few days and by the sound of it the things they plan to add from it should really help improve on Oblivion

  4. Word. So little PVE in WAR, can't wait for a little immersive content without annoying runts in region, cheats or goldsellers.


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