Monday 25 July 2011

Gobbo Frenzy

To mix things up a bit, yesterday we had one of our KF event nights. KF and friends went on a GOBBO FRENZY!

We cobbled together a full warband entirely made up of Shaman and Squig Herders, got ourselves a little bit organised and joined the madness that was last night’s Praag. There was loads of Order everywhere, constant AAO for us and as a result a fair bit of renown and entertainment. I think some of our enemies may have found it surprising quite how potent that horde of gobos could be… but everyone assisting on one target will do that. :P

Alas we didn’t have anyone frapsing last night, so no video this time round, but basically it was lots of running away, arrows, squigs, laser beams, getting sandwiched by multiple Order warbands, cackling on Ventrilo and general nonsense. All good fun. Oh and we got to totally screw with Order’s keep take by having everyone assisting on their ram each time they deployed it. Having well over 30 DoTs on a ram melts it fairly promptly, I think we destroyed about 7 or 8 rams in that one keep take. :D

Elsewhere.. no gobbos involved but lol


  1. Yeah we ran into you a few times with our non-gobbo group and when we saw you guys taking damage it was like "SAVE THE GOBBOS!! CHARRRRRRRRRRGEEEEEEEEEE!" lol.

  2. was proper fun :)

    A guy from Orz traded me 1 Gold when he saw me on the warcamp and tried to explain to me that Praag was too high for a lowly rank 9 Squig Herder. I guess he missed the point of it all :P

  3. So that's why the ram was melting! :D

    As soon as I saw the gobbo warband I knew it would be you lot. Nice one.

  4. Was roaming with some mates when we turned a corner and faced a WB (or how many you had) of gobbo's, which gave us a near heart attack and confused the hell out of us. We then decided to pill in, only to find out that the first I killed was a r9 gobbo (one auto-attack and a cull the weak) which made me feel somewhat ashamed of myself. Great fun though seeing you guys in the lakes.

  5. Yeah we had about 5 people below 40 with us, but they were like lvl 10ish. :P The rest of us were 40 though and it worked relatively well when we weren't been rolled over by the hoooooooooordes of Order out last night. :) No complaints from me mind you, AAO is all good.

  6. Sounds like fun, plus that cup pure awesome


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