Wednesday 6 July 2011

OK so..

It’s been a bit of an odd one. I shall first explain what has complicated things.

I’m still on the skype thing with Mythic and will be for a while I think, but about 15mins ago it was mentioned that we were under NDA. Now I didn’t know anything about this and hadn’t seen one. It turns out it was emailed to me this afternoon for me to reply and agree to, but since I was at work right until I got home and put Skype on, I hadn’t even looked at that email account and until just now nobody had even mentioned it. Which as I didn’t know, it meant I tweeted a couple of things about WAR. Not anything too big mind you and nothing about the big news, I was saving that for this place…

Now, since I didn’t know about or agree to it, legally I am not under NDA in any sense. However, I’m not about to shite on Mythic and burn my bridges with them. So a bit later on we’re going to confirm what they would like us to reveal or not and I shall respect that. Until then I will just say this:
  • There IS proper WAR development going on.
  • There is something happening that is a big deal and has a lot of potential.
  • If you think you know what it is, sorry, you don’t.
More info ASAP.


  1. Gah, this even worse than when your best friend's mom with the large titties flirts with you. That lethal mix of horror, confusion and wantz nooow.

  2. we have new stuff coming thats really exciting but we cannot talk about it ><

  3. I saw your WTF tweet, where you surprised or disappointed or shocked? Very intrigued, just hoping it's not some pay to play as a monster deal.


  4. Hmm, I'm quite tempted to come back on the other side, roll a Zealot or something. Shame I won't be able to play for long :\

  5. Im 12 and what is this?

    Seriously hyping a almost 3 year old game is like selling your grandmother to some yemen arab for 40 camels.


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