Wednesday 25 August 2010

What are you least and most looking forward to from 1.4 and the RvR Pack?

Now that we are starting to get a picture, albeit a limited one, of what the future of WAR holds… I would like to ask a question:

What are you least and most looking forward to from 1.4 and the RvR Pack?

Prior to the Gamescom/Gamesday Baltimore news I was most excited about the chance of playing Skaven, but afterwards I find myself not that bothered about that at all now. It might be fun, but no matter what Mythic have up their sleeves it will not be what I wanted and for me personally, to stay excited will only lead to disappointment. So unless fresh news comes out to change my mind, I’ve kinda written that off as something to get all hyped about. You may accuse me of being blinkered by the past and I shouldn’t be so limited in my desires for a MMO traditional playable race, but sorry folks, that IS what I wanted. It is ok to not be happy about everything, particularly as blind faith is, well… blind. And not really any different to blind hate.

So as a customer and devoted WAR fan, it is now up to Mythic to convince me that their new idea for Skaven is better than my (and most people’s) preconceived perception of what a true playable MMO race is. I don’t think that’s a harsh or unfair thing to say.

The thing that really has me quivering with thoughts of potential slices of awesome pie (with custard AND a raspberry coulis) is the campaign update and how the new Skaven zone(s?) links into this. We know that victory points and domination are going, we also know that Mythic want to move the campaign away from waithammer and give us something more dynamic, yet easy to understand. I don’t think we’ll move away from zone locking, as I think it was a wording issue when I was told this before and they actually meant domination, which is a shame if so, but there’s still so much potential here. Instead, I suspect we’re going to get something heavily influenced by the new city siege system.

The new city siege is in a way telling a story, a story that is built around the clear objectives that each stage provides. The sappers desperately trying to destroy the defenders siege weaponry, Warlords marching through the city looking to challenge and defeat their rivals. The Emperor Karl Franz and Tchar'zanek nominating their champions for the final battle… it’s all just a bit more melodramatic than the Victory point system before it. So imagine if there were similar things within the campaign itself? NPC warlords leading assaults, defensive/offensive goals that have a tangible effect and objectives that had more purpose than just adding a few points to a scoreboard.

I could be way off the mark with the thoughts above, but I’m rather excited about the potential of a completely revised campaign and what it could mean for WAR. The campaign is the lynch pin of WAR and a complete revision that genuinely improves it would be a monumental change. I can’t wait to see what happens.

How about you?


  1. I still want to play Skaven more then anything TBH boots. GIEF GREY SEER!!!

  2. Fixing the campaign has always been #1 on my list. I could care less really about any expansion, packs, and etc. Of course it will add some new excitement, but if waithammer, vp, and etc. is gone I will be happy.

  3. Lets be honest, any game that requires a bloody addon to make sense of the campaign, has a fundamental design flaw.

  4. What I'm looking forward to is something that Carrie talked about on the War-Welten interview. She said that they were working on siege weapons (other than ram and oil) to turn them into something that, as soon as it is built, the other side will have incentive to destroy it ASAP. This is one of the key factors that have been missing in Keep Sieges.

  5. New siege weps!! Siege towers pls. That would be epic.


  6. What I like least: By the time it comes out, I will have probably BARELY hit 80 by then, frikking mythic making me feel unfinished, screw you!
    What I like most: By the time it comes out, I will have probably BARELY hit 80 by then, frikking mythic making me feel--Oooh a kitty! My cat just walked into the room!

    Overall Opinion: Damn you for raising the rr cap! In return for this misfortune I expect my blog to be on the next Blogger Rollcall on the herald.

  7. Konfuzfanten - BnQ26 August 2010 at 02:59

    What I like:
    The campaign "fix". Maybe removing zones and making keeps+BOs unlock one after the other like the BOs in the city instances stage 1+2?

    What I hate:
    Even better gear being introduced into the game, making a further widening of the gear differences between the haves and the have-nots.

    Mythic most decide: do they want a pvp game or another WoW gear grind clone. With the new sov gear procs this game has become even more about gear and even less about player skill.

    For a game to be a pvp game the players need to be on a near equal playing field if at the same lvl(not rr and gear, its simply to time consuming for most players to get to rr 80 and have the gear to compete with the other no-life rr 80ies).

  8. something different! thats all I want.. I like the game but I like things stirred up a bit too and thats what they did in 1.3.5 - so long as they keep making an effort and utilising the playerbase as well as they do, I look forward to all updates

  9. New ORvR mechanics is what I am looking for, however I'm affraid that it will be only change of rules, not "physical" changes to RvR lakes, which also need some improvements. I don't expect whole new experience...


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