Friday 13 August 2010

FCD the decision

Mythic have just posted their decision regarding friendly collision detection on the official forums. I am very pleased to say they have decided to NOT implement it without  further testing and consideration.

It's moment like this that make me like the new Mythic more than other developers. Not just because they are doing what I personally wanted, but because it clearly shows that they do listen and that they do value more than just the opinions raised in their own office.

Good move Mythic, I am incredibly relieved, pleased and am now returning to the dreamy world of positivity you'd led me into prior to this whole FCD lark appeared. :)


  1. I am happy that they've listen to the community. It's still a pain in the ass for me thought :)

  2. Well done Bootae!

    I suspect Mythic take more notice of couple of bloggers speaking out than a thread with 100s of replies. Quicker to read, too.

  3. While I also applaud this decision to hold back on the removal of friend collision I would be wary to pat myself on the back for the reason. I hope that the feedback and test results from the test server concluded in this move from Mythic. Why I say this is that sometimes to ensure the health of something you must do something unpopular. Of course the health of Warhammer is based on population of players so if the majority do not like something they will discontinue playing, fair enough. That said, let’s take a quick look at what they were trying to achieve with the removal of friendly collision, an improvement in frame rate/speed. What could they do with this and why? Make the game more open to other computers of lower power and/or users with internet connections of lower speed/quality play perhaps which would equal more players. (improved health of population) Another factor here with the improved game speed may have been to allow the reintroduction of parts of the game that was a major issue due to speed performance to all, Fortresses that or new content that may have performance lag issues in the future. New and/or reintroduced content is always good to bring in new and past subscribers.
    So while again I do approve of this latest decision of Mythic and it does speak well to their openness with there games community I only hope that these changes are brought about as the result of a well and true foundation of testing/feed back. I hope this comes across correctly and not a nay say’er per say, that fact that Mythic does follow Blogger communities speak’s highly of their company’s path ensure that all may have a voice towards a stronger game.


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