Thursday 19 August 2010

Before and after(ish) the news

I’ve started writing this on Tuesday, before the special news from Mythic has been revealed. I figured I’d start this post before and then conclude it afterwards, that way I can write my expectations without being tainted by knowledge of what we’re actually getting. So what do I want from today’s announcements, what would I be happy with and what would be a disappointment?

I want the miracle of a third faction, but I know that can’t happen, so a more rational desire is required. I want new playable races for the existing factions, Skaven and anything from Lizardmen/Bretonnians/Wood Elves. I want a fourth racial pairing, with larger RvR lakes and new PQ variants on battle objectives, like in the new city sieges. I want improved siege warfare and to be further encouraged not to just bloody zerg everything. I want LOTS of new content and the spark of life that brings.

I would be happy with new playable races. Whilst any genuine new content would be a good thing for WAR and a positive sign for the future, if I’m honest with myself I know that anything less than new playable races will be a disappointment. And not just to me, an awful lot of the people I talk to are desperate for this too. I personally know a load of people not playing WAR that are waiting for playable Skaven before they will consider returning to or starting WAR.

AFTER (I think?)
OK time to continue writing this post! I say “I think” above because yesterday and today’s news was in both cases so brief and vague that I still don’t have any real idea what we’re getting. It sounds like Skaven will be playable, but perhaps only as a LotRO style monster race (ugh), or maybe it’s a way of getting a third faction on equal terms with everyone else quickly, but who knows? It could be something great, it could be utter shite. No way of knowing.

Renown rank 100? I’d have preferred to see an alternate advancement system like champion or mastery levels, but I’m not overly fussed either way and it’s good to see a new incentive for RR80s no matter what.

Andy has commented on the bioware forums with a little bit more info, but basically it just says "we're not going to say much else for now". There was one thing that I don't like the sound of:

"We currently plan on offering the RvR Pack with multiple purchase options which we're calling Power, Progression and Personality. I'm not ready to go into details on what exactly that means (yes, evil at work, however I just can't right now) but the focus is to allow you to purchase what you want and build your own experience with the new content."

Hmmm, the problem with saying this backed up with no clarifcation is that it smells like the old "pay more to be better than other people" crap that certain (generally unpopular in the west) MMOs use. This really, really, HUGELY worries me. Is this something that will base RvR balance on the size of your wallet? Will I be basically having to pay extra for patches? Paid for DLC? God no.... I'm struggling to think of anything good that this could mean. Of course it may well not be like that at all, but with this zipped mouth policy what else is there to go on?

I do know that the future of WAR is not what I wanted, but is it something I’ll be happy or disappointed with? I have no clue. I also know that I’m utterly bored with vagueness and uncertainty and I'm completely bloody gobsmacked that they've flown people all the way to Germany to reveal not much and then say we can't tell you anything. It's just so pointless. Unless there's some cunning master plan that I'm just not getting...??? Hopefully more news and real interviews will be revealed over the next few days, but I'm not convinced and as you can probably tell, I really don't like this half-arsed news lark.

Instead of filling me with hype and OMFG buttock quivering excitment, this Gamescom crap has just drained my enthusiasm and I feel a state of apathy and resignation incoming. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this.

pfft DLC f*****g w*** bubble ****arse.

edit! Gonna quote Siberwulf from Going Rancid "When you tell the world you have a big announcement to make, and that big announcement turns out to be “we have more info coming!” people generally get irked"


  1. Smells like failure all along to me, adding 20 more renown ranks is ok with me but i certainly hope they dont add more career levels. If id wanted a game where new levels were added on every expansion id stayed in the original game that did it, Everquest.

    I had hoped they would done something original new to the mmorpg scene, just like they did with DAoC however id have to agree with Boots on alot of the stuff he said.

    Skaven... something people been wanting in the game since before release if my mind dont play tricks on me. NOT implementing them is so retarded its beyond me.

    And as for Mythic´s lack of info comming down to the community, well ive been saying that for a long time that they aint doing anything themself any favors. Absolute stupidity not to develge more precise information or areas they look at, no road map for the game etc...

    When they dont tell players what they look at with patches ahead etc they dont create a buzz about the product. Blizzard as soon as they make something shouts it out to the world, Sony did the same with everquest when they was about to come with a expansion. They didnt reveal all of the expansion however they did reveal alot like playable races.

    Smells fail all of this and id be suprised if quite a chunk of the community wont be dissapointed with this news.

  2. I'm waiting until after Games Day ... we have gotten no real "news". If after Games Day it's more of the same ... I'll add to the flames.

    Till then I'll wait it out and hope that this turns out to be good. I can't imagine an expansion being rolled out that would give players an option to pay for performance. That would be total fail.

  3. pffft.... Kind of underwhelmed really. Skaven is nice but I am guessing they will get their own realm (slash tiers) this is then invadeable by either order or desto. If one side invades then the other side can log on with their skaven alts and defend.

    The whole PPP thing sounds a bit guff. Playing extra cash for a house or a three legged dog (I have seen the concept art for that in White Dwarf) I am undecided at this point.

    I do have a laugh though at mythic's total absence of self irony. "we are not going to announce a big expansion every two years". No really mythic? I think you just did/didnt announce a big expansion two years after release.

    Along with "we are not considering the free to play model" Again... clearly not mythic you are going to make us pay a monthly sub and then charge us for extras too....

    oh well,


  4. I agree, it's pretty depressing.

    I *hope* this paying thing is as some people suggest, i.e. fixed fee to unlock content, i.e. your standard DLC. It wouldn't be great, but it's not that different from subdividing a normal expansion into some smaller ones.

    That said, I'm very worried that this paying thing will be in sub form... oh dear.

    I'm not sure they understand that the reason people don't want F2P is not because it's free, it's because it allows people to pay to win in pvp... which it looks like this would do too.



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