Monday 2 August 2010

Opposites attract

I was wondering earlier, if I had started WAR on the opposite faction, what career would I have gone for? Which career would I be considering my main today instead of my Chosen?

There are quite a few Order careers I’m intrigued by; in particular Slayers, White Lions, Shadow Warriors and Warrior Priests, but I just know I would have gone with an Ironbreaker. Nothing to do with how powerful they are or have been, since I wouldn’t have known back at launch anyway, no this would have been purely based on them being grumpy bastards smothered in gromril armour. With beards… and beards are important, both for WHFB dwarves and in real life. Beard+axe (or hammer)+grumpy+gromril=WIN! Yes I choose a career in as shallow a manner as that :P You've got to look at it for a long time, so style and character > all really.

Ages ago I made one on a different server; got a few levels under his rather large belt and then I decided to stop. Too tempting a distraction, too much time required away from my Destruction server. It’s nagging at me still…

What about you folks? If you had started on the opposing side which career would have attracted you?


  1. Pretty much every Greenskin career for me. They just have so much personality.

  2. Maybe a squig herder or shaman

  3. I know what you mean. I ranked a Shadow Warrior on Azgal up to 32 a while ago. That week was fun as hell for the fact that i was on the other side of things for the first time, and was really nice to try something that looked totally different from the destruction careers.

    I still miss my shadow warrior every other day, but i just know that if i log on him, you won't see me on Norn for at least a week.

  4. r32 in a week? Good heavens.

    I would play any dwarf or a warrior priest.


  5. 3 days and 21 hours to be exact. considering the ammount of time i was playing per day during that time, that would ammount to about one week yhea :P

  6. i think i would have chosen a black guard, or a black orc maybe, they are the two most appealing classes for me

    sorry for my english :D

  7. You pretty much summed up why I chose an IB at launch and have stuck with it ever since. The only thing that almost made me stop playing it was my Slayer when they were released. At launch, if we'd gone Destro, I probably would have been a Shaman. Greenskins are the only things on the Destro side that really make me smile and that's what it's all about.

  8. I gotta agree on the greenskin comments, once my BO dings I'll have one of each at 40 and they're all a joy to play simply because they are so packed with character.

    Posting this led to me making an IB on one of the US servers earlier, might have a dabble now and again ;)

  9. I have a 40 SH that I rolled on IR that I haven't played since the day I got him 40. I just couldn't get into playing the opposite faction.

  10. For certain a WH, was my first character rolled, then I rolled a chosen and started to like Destro.

    After I hit 80, my WH will be my main

    PS: Bootae, that IB better be gorfang :-D or badlands :D

  11. in terms of character, I think order elves are underrated (yes, the male faces, I know). But since I mothballed my destro chars, I mostly enjoyed my SM, slinky, stylish, deadly. Well, nearly as much as my DoK and BG.... :)


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