Thursday 19 August 2010

The story from Gamescom so far... feeling far more meh than it probably should be. You can read about it here, but basically all that has been said is on the onrpg site is:

Skaven are involved they will not be implemented as a standard race that players can play from level one. "We want to do something... different with Skaven"

Renown rank 100.

With the RvR pack Bioware Mythic wants to move away from the standard "Release a huge expansion every 2 years." system and wants to adopt a system that allows players to "customize their game experience".

And thats it, no detail at all. Was that really ALL that was said in an interview? Does that actually even count as an "interview"?

It's probably feeling so meh because there's just no meat on the bones. I presume there is more info to come out, but Andy has tweeted that this will be at Baltimore Gamesday. So I'm a bit puzzled. Did Mythic really fly people all the way to Germany for a special announcement that was this brief? Surely there is more to come tomorrow?  Andy's tweet suggests not, but I just find that hard to make sense of.

Regarding the Skaven, I've got ideas about what it could mean, but there seems little point in posting. The anti-climax has drained my enthusiasm. Not that I'm all doom or gloom, it could be very good stuff coming, just got no way of telling and it seems pointless to post anything when we might as well just wait for as Andy says "a little more detailed information will be coming out of #GamesDayBaltimore this weekend"


  1. gah

    right when I get close to 80 they do it, I said this would happen when I started my dok, it seems I was right.


  2. apparently from the WAR forums:
    "I know that everyone is eagerly anticipating any sort of news regarding the future of WAR. My Apologies for not posting earlier than this (it's about 3 AM here...jetlag is teh debbil.), however after a long day at the show I needed some time to read all of the feedback and fully gather my thoughts. That being said, here goes:

    * We are not, at this time, prepared or ready to divulge full details of what is being included in the RvR Pack aside from what we will continue to comment on here at GamesCom. Be sure to continue checking your favorite Gaming News outlets for interviews we're conducting while here in Cologne.

    * There are features that we're simply not ready to discuss yet, however we made a commitment to the Community to have news about the future of WAR before summer's end. Over time, the picture of the RvR Pack will become much clearer as we will continue to involve the players in the development process of WAR.

    * We want to reiterate that this is a RvR Pack. We are dedicated to our continued focus on WAR as a RvR game.

    * As Carrie has stated, Free to Play is not something currently in consideration. Something that wasn't mentioned in the article was further explanation on what we mean by the statement "customizing your game experience" (paraphrasing): We currently plan on offering the RvR Pack with multiple purchase options which we're calling Power, Progression and Personality. I'm not ready to go into details on what exactly that means (yes, evil at work, however I just can't right now) but the focus is to allow you to purchase what you want and build your own experience with the new content.

    * I'm confidant that every talking point we currently have planned to discuss (both at GamesCom and Games Day) will be reported by those in attendance at Baltimore.

    I am humbled by the dedication that so many of you have to WAR and it's future. Please stay tuned for more details, "In Development..." posts, Video Grab Bags, Developer Diaries and Dev Q&A's as we bring you updates surrounding this exciting new development for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning."

    no clue as to who posted it.

  3. Well, I think Games Day is more important to Mythic because it is a specifically run Games Workshop event.

    My biggest hope is that Skaven are somehow shoehorned into being a third realm type of thing. So far no PvP game has come close to DAoC's nail-biting experiences due to there being three realms.

    This may sound odd, but I really hope that if they offer character rename, that they also allow you to change your face/hair/eyes as well. (Yeah, I know, but I'm a roleplayer.)


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