Wednesday 11 August 2010

A clarification on yesterdays post

A clarification is required! I had some messages late last night from people who had read my last post and were worried I was going to quit WAR if/when 1.3.6 turns off friendly collision detection (now to be known as FCD). Firstly, thanks for the concern, but worry not!

I said I would consider quitting if:

"2 – The PvP combat system becoming too much like World of Warcraft’s trash PvP."
The removal of FCD alone does not do that. It IS a step in that direction, but I think it is highly unlikely that on its own it would be a step too far. Also none of us know what else Mythic have in the pipeline and how the removal of FCD may benefit other things.

So apologies if that sounded like a "AGGH I quit!", it was meant to sound more considered than that and express a more long term concern with the situation. I wrote that post literally as it popped in my head and I didn't edit, just posted. Long before WAR I was known for banging on about how you cant do proper MMO PvP without full collision detection, so it is a big deal for what I want out of WAR. If in the future we end up with WoW PvP then there is no point to playing WAR, since WoW would have the same PvP and the PvE in WoW is far better... But that's only possibly in the future, yet hopefully not!

As people know I'm all for change and improvement in WAR, but I do think this is a change for the worst. I'm not going to be quitting anytime soon though! It's more of a long term concern.


  1. Apparently there is a thread on the official bioware forum concerning this issue, and you can vote as to what you would like to see happen with FCD. Havent been on it myself,was told of it last night though.


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