Wednesday 28 July 2010

What to do with 2 weeks of double influence, renown and XP?

That was the question inadvertently put to every player on the EU servers recently, myself included. At the beginning of the 2 weeks I was all set on doing the sensible thing; getting my Chosen main (who was at RR68) as close to 80 as possible. Within just a few days I was up to RR72 and the renown was still flying up, but then with a resounding thud, I fell off the pixel painted wagon.

My name is Bootae and I’m addicted to alts.

That’s the reason why my Chosen was only renown rank 68 after 2 years of playing WAR. I’m just so easily distracted. It’s learning how other careers work, revelling in their different appearances, styles and themes. It’s being able to really understand other player’s career concerns and issues, finding out if the allegedly gimped is really gimped or just grass is greener syndrome. Plus it’s always a nice challenge seeing if I can be competitive with low renown alt versus all the 80s.

So over the last 2 weeks I got my Squig Herder to 40 and discovered what a fun class it is to play at 40, even in annihilator/devestator armour. One of WAR’s most atmospheric and entertaining careers to play for sure, I highly recommend. Having got the Squiggy to 40 and with my Black Orc building up rest XP, I figured I might as well finish my Witch Elf off. I levelled her to 33 a looooooong time ago, then for a reason I don’t remember I stopped playing her. She was then pretty much forgotten as I was distracted by the (at that point) newly released Choppa. With these 2 weeks of boosted XP I figured “what the hell” and levelled my Witch Elf from 33 to 40.

It was then that the unexpected happened. I discovered that I bloody love playing my Witch Elf. It’s awesome fun, not because of it being over powered, it’s actually pretty well balanced (versus other careers, though debatably underpowered versus its own mirror). The Witch Elf is fun because it is squishier than the squishiest squishy squish, hittier than the hittiest stick of hittydom and all wrapped up in a bundle of sneaky pie. The career really suits my play style too, since I do quite a lot of solo roaming. Not only is solo roaming fun and challenging generally, but it’s also a great way to learn a career. If you want to be able to consistently win 1v1s and stand a chance in 1v2+, the only way is to get out there and fight on your own, lots. Having said all that, on a bad day solo roaming can be very frustrating. You just have to learn to roll with the punches.

My little WE with one of KF's well known roamers Biggsie (For Norn people; yeah he's been grabbed by the green).

Anyway, I ended up playing my Witch Elf a lot, getting to the mid 40s in renown rank so far and my plans to hammer up Bootae’s renown rank some more failed. Not that I care to be honest, as I’ve been a bit worried about running out of carrots for my Chosen. I’ve only got one bit of Tyrant and two bits of sovereign left to get, at which point there’s little left to achieve. Other than grinding scenario weapons, but other than with the ladies, I’m not good at grinding. Easily distracted… So all in all the 2 weeks of boosted XP, etc worked out well for me. I now have a slightly bonkers 7 level 40 characters and a new Witch Elf obsession.

Of course I now have a new problem… I’m curious about levelling a Black Guard, but I’d have to delete either my DoK or Marauder. Doh.


  1. 6 months ago, I had a rr63 chosen, r13 WE.

    Now I have rr64 chosen, rr69 WE.

    I wholeheartedly endorse rerolling WE, it's soo much more fun than a chosen.

    I get killed by Dionee far too much, though, even if I stealth and run away.


  2. I love my main, but I get in altitis all the time. I have so many alts. I sometimes think I hate the grind, but it is sort of addicting.

    Initially I grinded three bright wizards to level 40. This was before server mergers, or I rerolled on a server I couldn't transfer too.

    I have other alts that I enjoy playing alot. I have my SH. It is like a BW on steroids, but I just can't get into playing Destruction so it sits, and rots.

    I have a WP, and RP too. It is funny I tell myself I am never playing a healer again after playing a priest in WOW for so many years, but I still end up doing it.

    I see the advantages of rolling alts. You learn how it can make you better at your other class when playing with the other class. Unless you play a class you don't even realize half the abilities they can use. It also helps with being able to see if the SM next to you is a noob, or actually knows how to play.

  3. Doh. Wish I hadn't completely ignored the mails from WAR about free playtime and double xp :( but nevermind that now :) (the other day I started a wee Black Guard on karak-n-whatever)

    But I know exactly what you mean regarding adiction to alts. That's the very reason it took me years to get Tunry the Daoc merc to max level.
    And then the exact same thing repeated it self in WoW with whatever again it was I played as main in the beginning :)

    And one of these days I'll look into exactly why it's bloody impossible for me to stay the hell away from MMOs for any length of time...

  4. lol Tunry ;) Give us a yell in game dude.

  5. Welcome to the club! Although I might be even worse; 2 years, 7 R40s, highest RR50! I play Order Volkmar, but enjoy reading about the antics on Norn, so rolled a few Destro there. Hope to see you around!

  6. Know all about lifer here with 8 level 40 toons. 1 in the rr70+s, one 66 and a 3 in 50+ range and the rest is in 40s...

    PS Magus are truly gimped, noticed when u spam a button for attack the animation lags and takes my then 2 secs to fire of 1 ability. Also every set back that happens when melee are close is doh.

    PSS.. Remove alot of the cool downs on the abilities for better dps

  7. I had the same feeling for a long time playing war.... i liked to have my main up there with the rest a bit but other than that i did not really care....

    but lately COTG is becoming more and more competitive and all of a sudden u just wanted to be the best i can be for the guild... i dont want to be called a slacker all the time ;-) , i left my alts for now and just need a few more procent before i ding 80... wearing 6 piece SOV and i feel more powerfull then ever.... having almost reached it gives me some inner peace as well... i can now fool around with alts without feeling guilty :) , ow and ofc i wanted to be better geared to kick yo ass on sunday.... :p

  8. Wish U.S. servers got the renown buff, i'd be clear up there in rr

  9. eldard/gorefist29 July 2010 at 14:46

    Hold up bootae mate..

    So it was your witch elf (feck) i was focusing on in that sc when the whole of Kill frenzy where running after me when i was bashing your health down and at the ending killing you and knocking the rest of kf all over the place ( aoe knock back ftw)..

    Hey i did warn you im a tough bastard :p ( well acording to a few destro im the worse swordmaster Eu)


  10. Ahh yeah lol I've only been PUGing scenarios so far, but by fluke I was in the same scen as them, alas I was PUGing because of no vent so I couldn't shout at the guys :D

    It's been very interesting fighting against tanks with the WE, it has really emphasised the difference in quality. Some are so easy and others impossible. Which since I don't have many problems with WH on boots makes me happy :p

  11. Oh and yeah, you and Laz are the two stand out SMs these days I reckon

  12. Eldard/Gorefist29 July 2010 at 19:11

    Cheers for the comments mate

  13. Heh, been playing since the launch on and off and if it hadn't been for the bonus renown my WP would never be RR70. And I'd still be stuck with 6 40ies with the highest being 68. I guess it's just the nature of WAR that encourages alts. Because it's so fun to level them, no need to grind, just PvP and boom, suddenly you're 40.

    Luckily though, I didn't squander 2x renown on my alts. xD

  14. I took the opportunity to level up laminar (BW)to 40 and now nearly touching RR50, which is a big step for me. I normally hit 40 and start again with something else.

    However considering I have a RP 40 and Kotbs at 40, I will play whatever I need to. Doesn't bother me. I did think about leveling my white lion further from 28, but the rp bonus was to sweet to pass up on Laminar.


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