Sunday 11 July 2010

Saturday night's for fighting... and running away it seems

Unusually for me on a Saturday, real life (or in other words “the wife”) left me fairly unmolested and conspired to give me a load of WAR game time today. This turned into very mixed day of WAR, going back and forth between the sublime to the ridiculous.

Earlier in the day I was roaming about or getting my solo queuing face bombed to crap by Crimson premades (the theme of the entire day was lava based), when lo and behold an Altdorf siege started. I was solo queuing because I had to play without sound for a bit and as such couldn’t go on vent, which in turn means at times like this I don’t do guild or alliance groups. So I also went in solo and PUGed Altdorf… Quite often this has worked out ok, but today not so much. Order had 1 or 2 recognisable premade bombing guild groups, backed up by solo joiners and a fairly well balanced warband. Uunfortunately on the Destro side it appeared to be full PUGs and we only had 3 healers in the entire instance. Predictably as soon as the first mass AoE of doom kicked in during stage 1, pretty much everyone quit the instance. Myself and others tried to put up a fight, but after a few attempts it ended up with me and about 5 other people left, most of whom I saw moving to the instance exit. I’m quite confident at facing multiples solo, but I decided against sticking around to see if I it would end up as 1v24.

Instead I went to Land of the Dead with my Squig Herder and blatted insects to get his last couple of levels to 40. Fairly uneventful, other than being on the receiving end of a few gankers and this was actually quite entertaining. I like the whole looking over your shoulder and sudden fights when grinding levels in Land of the Dead. End result was my sixth level 40, Gashmonkey the Squig Herder. Not sure how much I will play him, but I do like the career, it’s got a lot of character.

In the evening we had a Kill Frenzy warband consisting of a mere one and a half group and we did our best to get away from the zergs to find some decent fighting around the edges. Unfortunately it seemed like all the Destro were moving in one monstrous zerg, while Order had a few smaller zergs going, all of which were at least warband strength and mostly seemed to be organised alliance bomb zergs. Obviously with our 1.5 groups being constantly outnumbered in such a big way we didn’t have much joy against the wall of stacked AoE instant death smothering pretty much everywhere… And surfing our Destro zerg isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, so after an only moderately entertaining hour or two we went our separate ways. Though before it all ended I had a classic fight with Steveo and an ever increasing number of his mates under a bridge :P /wave Steveo

Zognob, Julanta and I formed a half group and did scenarios. It was all going rather well, with a mixture of solid wins and losses where at least we played well, but then a couple of stupid moments soured the latter stages of my day of much WAAAGHing. First there was stupidity on my part (I blame being tired…) when in Howling Gorge I picked up the bomb and ran the wrong way and tried to plant it in Order’s target, DOH! Oh the shame, the SHAME!!! Particularly as an enemy slayer targeted me to /lol :P

And then in Serpents Passage it was other Destro being silly that got right up my nose. We’re facing one Red Guard premade and I think PuGs, our side was PuGs but not badly balanced. In case you don’t know of Red Guard, once you get past the trolling and usual hatred smothering our MMO community, they’re considered the top Order guild on Karak Norn, so obviously it was going to a tougher fight. It started off with a reasonable fight that we lost, but it wasn’t instant death and we spotted some chinks in the enemy’s armour (the PUGs were the weak link) to be exploited. Alas it was not to be, as tough changed to impossible when most of the other Destro in our scenario realised it was Red Guard and pretty much shat themselves and ran away. On numerous occasions the 3 of us tried to take the fight to the Order guys, but found ourselves alone while the other Destro stayed to guard the spawn er… guards... At one point I’m standing there with my back to order /beckoning Destro on, but no, they couldn’t risk it. I mean come on, your pixels may die!

Soured the evening really. I’ve no problems with losing fights, it happens and particularly if its good opposition like this there is no shame in it, but to not even try? Meh. Reputation crits you for 90000000.


  1. On the other side, as a pug vs a premade...

    you help your realm by dragging all 15 minutes, and feeding the least amount of kills to them.

    If the premade wins in 5 minutes because you feed yourselves to them, they win 3 scen in 15 mins. If they are forced to a boring match that lasts 15 mins, then its 15 mins they are out of business, not capping things in orvr, not getting victory points, etc.

    Maybe a bit metagaming, and i might be wrong, but a pug is generally worth less than a premade, so if one pug can lock down one premade, they shoud do it for so long as possible, all while giving the premade as little as possible.

  2. I haven't been on the past few days because my internet has been retarded.

    Tell me your hours (your time) and I'll log on those times more than other times.

  3. I was watching from the other side of the fench, and yes the destro zerg was pretty large. On one keep take, it hit 181.

    To be fair there was one amusing moment, when in DW where Order were counting down the timer on MA BO, when destro appeared on the other side of the bridge.

    Now we all know not to get caught on the bridge, you have to push through to the other side. Well destro got caught, got pushed back but not far enough, order were fully on the bridge and while nicely packed together got ass jamed and punted off the brige.

    It made me chuckle.

  4. Anon - That's a fair point from a campaign perspective. It's just frustrating when you're in the scenario and people basically give away a free win. You never know, if you make them work for it, then it might take longer anyway and perhaps even steal a win.

    Tru - My times are normally a bit erratic, but for the last couple of months due to my wife being ill and generally her being sparko by 9pm GMT, I'm on most nights from then onwards.

    Skar - Purely guesstimating, but it felt like Order were present in fairly similar numbers, just more spread out. Though hard to judge because we spent more time away from our zerg and getting zerged ourselves :D

  5. Is your SH stabbin specced? Cause I was boosting a mate in LotD and we ganked a group of lowbies while switching spots.

    I wasn't in ORvR much yesterday, but it was funny seeing ORvR chat with the likes of "147 destro on keep, need help!" and then server died. xD

  6. Nah that wasnt me bud, I use quick shootin.

    Server is insanely busy all day today too it seems.

  7. Eldard/Gorefist11 July 2010 at 20:01

    i been to busy my self to get online to have a good scrap.. In War be to be honest im kinda looking RvR Sc's ect as a pure waste of time when you had to kill the same sorc/bw 1000 times over because he is in a bomb group..

    To be honest im all up for group play but not when it has to do with 2 select classes face rolling there keyboards to do over 1 Million damage.. it kinda takes the piss in my view have mythic lost the plot that much they forgott what a class cannon class is supposed to be ?

    There not supposed to be running in to melee ranage ( there weakness and out damage mdps classes)

    But enuff about that..


  8. Well there were meant to be more BW/Sorc changes coming, so I'm wondering if we'll get a focus discussion in the dev forum about this soon.

    I have to agree in general, BW and Sorcs should be uber ranged glass cannons, not MDPS.


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