Friday 30 July 2010

WAR Producer's letter is out

You can find it here.

Reading... will do the usual prod letter comment post later.


  1. To start off with, it is nice to see the tripled number of active players, probably most returning with the odd trial succumbing to the addiction that is WAR after getting more playtime. I would really like to know how many have actually subscribed as a result of all that has happened since they left etc, and to see if it would prompt major new content and thus breath much needed life back into the game. I for one am not sure as tier 2 seems less active than I had thought (my first time being back in tier 2 since KEP died though and first coming to Norn), but maybe I am missing something.

    Am I alone in thinking that there could be more "new" information chucked into the Producers letter? I mean, if you follow the new information (mostly publicised by various bloggers in the community), none of the Producer's words are new. Therefore, I hope that in future we may here even just a new hint, if not any concrete plans (we didn't even get an estimate for 1.3.6's ETA or that they are looking to make some more baby step changes to classes that need it - or that they would revise any changes, which is a real shame in my book. It is part of the balance I guess between making people happy and then they may get bored and leave, or separate the wheat from the chaff by letting those fed up with a lack of changes go whilst those remaining optimistic continue to sub...).

    Of course it allows those who do not follow the game so closely to catch up on all that is happening so it is definitely not pointless to say the least.

    Keep up the good work Boots, any news on Gashface? Or are you taking time off of him to play something else? I have just started a new Black Orc and just escaped from tier 1.

    - Laerfric/Funkeh

  2. The producers letter was nothing new and exciting. It is like they put one out because they realize it is the end of the month, and they have nothing to talk about.

    The producer letters are getting lamer, and lamer each month. The purpose of newsletters which I learned from blogging 101 is the purpose of newsletters isnt to rehash old news. It is supposed to be all new exclusive information.

  3. Tbh they've released a massive amount of information over the last month, through the forums and patch notes, which not everyone one reads i'm guessing. Next month. 18-22nd Some kinda big announcement followed shortly by next month's producer's letter which should hopefully wrap up what every the "big end of summer" new is.

  4. I guess most of their efforts are now bent towards 1.3.7 (or whatever it will be called) and that release will be the start of the expansion with all the new gubbins that they don't want to speak about now. So basically they have nothing new to talk about.

    If you read the official forums and and the patch notes you already know what is coming.

    We have staggered through 2010 with little/no info three more weeks shouldnt matter too much.



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