Saturday 17 July 2010

Another day another ding

Witch Elf hit 40 today. I wasn't planning on finishing it anytime soon, but then the other day I logged it in and realised I had 450% levels worth of rest XP... Combining that with our 100% XP bonus at the moment and a war tract, meant 5 levels done in no time at all! Which takes me to a slightly insane seven level 40 characters on Karak Norn...

Squig Herder
Witch Elf

Black Orc is in the mid 30s and building up rest XP as we speak. I really should get out more.


  1. Eldard/Gorefist17 July 2010 at 17:23

    Bootae mate..

    Just a quick thing did you get any of the prima books for warhammer online?

    If so you can now get the iteam with that code that gives you 10% bonus to xp its called the Adventurers handbook so if you got one use it it gives 1hr buff as i said and had 3 charges


  2. Thanks for the tip mate. I've not got those books, but I do have collectors edition Which gives me an item that does the same thing. Probably the same item actually I guess.


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