Wednesday 14 July 2010

More class changes posted, close quarters changed

Very interesting post by Mythic, I wonder how much of an impact this is going to have on AoE?

"Ranged Archetype

Close Quarters has been redesigned. It will now cause your abilities to build up 50% faster when your enemy target is within feet 20 of you, and no longer has a penalty.
Expert Skirmisher has been redesigned. It will now cause your abilities to build up 50% faster when your enemy target is within 20 feet of you, and no longer has a penalty."

Still like to see PBAoE stacking removed/limited mind you, but will this mean Sorcs/BWs now spam single target abilities instead of the constant AoE?

Oh and Shadow Warriors, gratz guys, about time.

Looking like a good patch for Magus with this and the other changes too.


  1. Kinda sucks for melee SH/SW =/

  2. Hmmm. So if I understand this right my BW will now cast 50% faster most of the time in a zerg fight, or a one on one. It could be good to be able to get off more spells quickly when a melee is on me.

  3. I have mixed feelings on this one.

    I tend to play melée classes, and as such I cannot fathom the need for a glass-cannon type class to have such a tactic from a balance perspective. I have a sneaking suspicion that a Bright Wizard for example will dominate my Marauder and perhaps it will even be worse for a full-rage Choppa.

    Definately some good stuff in here, like more viability for assault/stabbin' spec'd SW/SH.

    As for Magus, the more experienced players that posted in the official thread seemed wholly against the changes, so I am not too sure on that front.

    Finally, the changes to Close Quarters will just alter bombing in my perspective, and the more organised bomb-groups will simply adapt to the new situation.

  4. Konfuzfanten, BnQ14 July 2010 at 04:40

    The Close Quarters redesign will have an effect on orvr but I reckon that it wont chance the overall bombing tactic. Yes the bombing dmg will be down by 15-20% but a wb with 4-6 BW will still dominated. Ofc if you are running with 5 piece tyrant BWs/sorcs you just need them to instance spam fiery blast.

    On the other hand I think we are getting to a point where a single bombing sorc/BW isn’t effective enough in a sc premade. Leave close quarters as it is and make all aoe abilities in the game act like Rain of fire(only one annihilate/flame breath/scorched earth/flurry…can hit a target pr GCD). Result = mindless mass bombing no more, smart aoeing still possible.

  5. "On the other hand I think we are getting to a point where a single bombing sorc/BW isn’t effective enough in a sc premade."

    Even one single (well played) Sorc/BW can change the whole scenario and lead the damage-meters by ..miles. (btw. bombing is out.. that happens only when they are out of ap or just bored) Greatest discrepancy I saw just yesterday was 600k (with dozens of db's) and the next dps-char having 150k and that BW ( wasn't even in a premade..he just knew which buttons he had to press (sorcs are no different but I happen to meet them only when they are grouped).

    I think that this change will buff Sorc/BW even more even though both careers are way out of proportion compared to the others.

  6. Eldard/Gorefist14 July 2010 at 13:05

    Personaly im gunna say this (About Bloody time!!)

    Now i hope all the sorc's and bw's will try some thing diffrent now insted of hiting the same few buttons to cause huge admout of damage buy running in to melee range ( Because there not Mdps class)...

    At least mythic are liseing for once insted of random idea's i just hope they dont screw this up.

    Over all the patch so far seem's ok but im still not happie about the Sm/Bo changes. Since there mechanic needs to be scraped for some thing new

  7. Konfuzfanten - BnQ14 July 2010 at 14:48

    Zizlak, I agree that the mass bombing needs to be nerfed but right now I don’t feel that bombing is overpowered in sc’s/6vs6-12. 95% of all the premades/orvr fighting I do is with my usual group of 1 bombing BW + a WH and if we are fighting against ppl with equal gear/rr our bomber isn’t the game breaker(yes against pugs/lower geared ppl our BW is death incarnate). In 4/5 SC’s our WH gets more DB then our BW. Solo bombing isn’t a problem, if it is its because of a huge gear/rr gap or very poor use of coordination.

    Again War need to nerf orvr bombing, but not solo bombing.

  8. Make PBAOE non-stackable like they did with Rain of Fire and problem solved plus the change to closer quarters as well of course.

  9. Daevas has it spot on. Sorting out the stacking is all they need to do for Sorcs/BW.

  10. Something to consider when thinking on stacking...

    It's not that straight forward.

  11. Konfuzfanten - BnQ15 July 2010 at 03:31

    Programming wise its easy to do: you make all aoe skills give a 1 sec immunity to aoe skills of the same type(ergo no stacking within one sec of cast). Again programming wise it should’nt be a problem, but the program/servers then needs to do an extra check (for the aoe immunity) and that WILL cause even more lag. Is my suggestion perfect? No, but its better then the idiotic blanket nerf. Buy/upgrade the servers and make a 1 sec aoe immunity = problem solved.


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