Sunday 4 July 2010

RvR lakes to stay small, boo hiss

Just a quick post to say there's some new info and confirmations about the first wave of ORvR changes we heard about last week in this thread from Michael J. Wyatt.

Including a hugely disappointing statement from Mythic regarding expanding the RvR lakes:

We have talked about this internally from time to time but is far too risky. I read on a player's blog not too long ago and he said it best "you ARE the content". When it comes to RvR, while not 100% accurate, it does hold a lot of truth.

Dispersing the population would have a positive effect when combating a large zerg but in non-primetime/rvr-lull situations, it would result in a perceived lack of "content". We have a lot of plans for the future and dispersing the zerg, in a mindful way, is high on my priority list.
I understand it's risky, but something needs to be done about the "zerg > all" rule of WAR and whilst I acknowledge him saying they have plans and that it is high on the list, the thing is it should have been a high priority for the last 2 years yet nothing at all has been done. Hopefully we'll hear something decent soon.
Regardless of what else they do, if its not opening up the PvE to RvR, then it still leaves two thirds of every tier 4 zone completely and utterly devoid of players. Which can only been seen as a total waste of space.

Putting that aside, I really like the approach being taken here and directly replying to posts in the developer discussion forum. Looks like the forum is actually living up to it's name.


  1. I don't really see what they have to loose at the moment, and if it fails they could just revert the changes.

    Something needs to be done about oRvR in WAR, reintroducing the forts is a good start but it won't fix the zerging, the lag and the boring oRvR zones.

  2. Guess we've just got to wait and see what it is they've got planned for 1.3.7, etc. We know they think they have it cracked, just no clues yet as to what cunning plan it is...

  3. Eldard/Gorefist4 July 2010 at 20:31

    What they need to do guys is revert back to the lower tiers. What i mean by that is No more Open planed Bo's!! That of all things allow zergs to do mass numbers win..

    What they need to d is copy some of the T3/T2 stuff like bugmans brewery in black fire pass ect..

    As it goes for forts my self like every one else i whant them to come back but in a diffrent format..

    do it like the new city sieges systerm so kinda like this..

    Stage 1)Capture a respawn point(No one liked the old systerm of running all the way back from the wc to the fort) this would mean defenders would have to come out the fort and stop the attacking realm

    Stage 2)Take down outer fort doors ( Each door taken down would grant the attacking realm 20mins each)( defending realm can repair the doors and once broken down reduceing the attacking forces timer by 20mins per door)

    Stage 3)Take down the main fort door & kill the fort lord

    Some thing like would make forts a lot more fun for both sides to be honest

  4. That would make for a much better fort that's for sure, as long as there are multiple ways to the Lord and it isn't just about who's stacked AoE goes off first, but that's a general thing to be fixed as everyone knows ofc.

    I'm expecting the Fortresses to be brought back but as DAoC style relic raids, as that would give an alternative goal in the campaign and could help spread people out between relic raids and trying to lock to the city.

  5. It's not a small change to re engineer the larger T4 lakes. Some people will want to PvE, just because other don't, they will have to meet the needs of all, so it would require an expansion of each zone.

  6. From what I've seen over the last few weeks exploring the PvE zones for locations, absolutely nobody is doing the PvE. No exaggeration, I've not seen a soul.

    People that want to PvE are playing WoW surely? They sure aint in WAR from what I can see.

  7. Though I agree it would be a big change to do for all the T4 zones, but I can't see the PvE areas as anything but an unused waste of space right now.

  8. I'd personally much rather they make the existing RvR bos/keeps/forts/campagin use more interesting mechanics (maybe rotating every few months) and save the PvE areas for for some future revamp (which might include pvp/rvr aspects). I know right now virtually nobody does anything but powerlevel in lotd, but I think having a revamp leading some *quality* race-specific pve zones/epic quests and dungeons in the (far) future would provide a rather welcome addition and draw in some new players. because frankly right now the pvp-only/exteneded counterstrike match that a lot of the community seems to want is growing stale for me, and I've yet to hear anything about even the golden age of daoc that's more compelling then what we have now...


  9. I wasn't a fan of expanding the lakes into PvE parts of the zones. Mainly because I assumed that there are still people PvEing. I also think that it would be hard to find people to fight at non-primetime (as Mike wrote in that forum thread).

    I thought that a better change would be to have all zones open all the time and tie the number of keeps owned to city sieges/forts. I'm not sure how many problems that avoids and how many it creates tho. Just sounds like a better idea.

  10. Eldard/Gorefist5 July 2010 at 17:09

    Well bootae mate there has to be a balance sure this is a RVR/PVP game but pve is all so needed to make the balance equal to all..

    But Pve generaly in war is ignored the reason why there is so littie dungeons..I will break down the T4 dungeons

    1)bastion stairs ( Over all a nice dungeon but it is pointless to do since Annihilator gear is so easy to get and Bloodlord is a lot harder to have its once of the reason's why i count bloodlord as one of the missing armor sets of war the only other reason is to get +crit weapons or if your lucky Epic weapons)

    2)City Dungeons well we all know these dungeons quite well buy now to get sentinel gear and maybe if your lucky watcher weapons ect.. allows you to carry on to lost vale and tovl

    3) lost vale & tovl both great dungeons in my view but full of bugs that piss off any one.. but there needs to be more high lvl pve content in t4 and maybe the lower ones as well and more bug fixes on there dungeons

  11. I think the key thing is that Mythic do things to both break up the zergs and to make the most of all that wasted excellent scenery. Perhaps not the same thing to fix both ;)

    Anon - A matter of taste really, though yes if the purpose of and desire to go to the PvE areas was improved, then perhaps they'd get visited and could even be very good. But do you think if they got too popular they would detract from RvR?

    Zewar - I totally agree that would be excellent. As I've posted before I'm a big fan of having all zones in all pairings open at once and getting rid of zone locking. Use something akin to a Darkness Falls control system to determine city siege access. Or something else, just something ;)

    Eldard/Gorefist - I think your summary of the dungeons is 100% spot on. I loathe bastion stairs, it just doesn't work in any sense. Far too much trash and fast respawning because of the PQs, and as such far too much time and hassle for a slim chance of the set drops.

    If LV and TotVL hadn't spent most of their existence as buggy nightmares, which still isn't fixed, then they would be considered as 2 of the best dungeons in any MMO. It only takes a few bugs to cross line from epic to terribad.

    Thanks for the comments all, always interesting to hear more views.


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