Monday 19 July 2010

Epic fights on Norn

That’s been my weekend really, in between real life stuff of course. There were some truly epic fights in Chaos Wastes, Eataine and Caledor. Some of the fighting in Caledor was just brilliant, the bridges providing the choke points, but as the zone has plenty of alternate routes it was never a simple single choke point fight.
We ran with a mixture of very different set ups over this weekend, from Witch Elf+pimp groups to the occasional bombing set up. Numbers wise we were normally about 1-2 groups, peaking at 3 briefly, but we tried to fight around the HUGE zergs from both factions where possible. And it was just plain bloody awesome. We kicked much arse and we also had a few proper slappings in return, but regardless it was all fun.

What was very cool was how the new server coped with the large fights. They really can deal with far larger numbers of combatants in a zone than the GOA servers did. However it’s still not all sweetness. We are occasionally getting the crashes when zoning and I’ve had 2 random crashes to desktop this weekend, which I think is 2 more than I’d had earlier this year… Also a few people are complaining of regular lag, I’m guessing this is something to do with the route between their PC, ISP and the new servers, but I’m only guessing. Certainly when they complain of lag most of us are not getting any at all, which suggests it may not be the fault of the server per se.

Still, overall it’s been a great weekend of WAR, after a pretty good week too. Hopefully as Mythic continue to improve our new servers, this will only get better.

Of course now we are all looking forward to seeing the patch notes… I wonder how much drama they will provide ;)


  1. Great to hear those new servers are getting up to speed at last.

    The epic fights are what I live for in WAR, they're the reason I love the game

  2. Aye, the Karak-Azgal, seems to be behaving itself better as well though there's a couple of guildies who are still getting D/ced repeatedly mainly through zoning and scenarios joining, been no updates on Herald so not sure if there've actually changed anything during the last maintenance or whether it's just needed time to settle down a bit.

  3. Eldard/Gorefist19 July 2010 at 10:54

    Hey Bootae

    I have to argee there was some truely epic fighting..

    It was quite nice to see the servers can handal that much at least ..(Unlike GOA) But None the less i have to give Kill frenzy a lot of credit for the fighting it seems kinda like Executed ( who have the rep of being stubbon jack asses when fighting) you guys dont give up that easy and gave some truely epic fights


  4. Hey dude :)

    Yeah basically, old style KF is back ;)

    We got really slack for a few months and were missing some of our best, but they're back, and we're kicking ourselves into shape again. :)

  5. It's getting better and better. Wish I could spend some time with my character 'coz I have been busy lately with some real life stuff. I really miss the community.


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