Wednesday 7 July 2010

If you played on retired WAR EU servers worry not

I'm not sure how long the GOA forums are going to remain open, so thought I best chuck the info from this post by Andy from Mythic here:


To consolidate all of the inquiries to this one thread:

We have received the data for all characters on retired or decommisioned servers from GOA and we anticipate that they will be available for transfer before the end of the two free weeks. Be sure to watch the Herald for updates regarding this.

We apologize that they are not currently available, however our priority has been the successful migration of character data on currently active servers. "

This means if you're a returning player from the early days, worry not, your characters WILL be available soon no matter which EU server you played on.

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  1. Was thinking about jumping servers and saying hi to you... maybe later...


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