Tuesday 16 March 2010

You can tell it's another city siege when...

...your guild roster looks like this:

Not that going to Tomb of the Vulture Lord is exactly a hardship, well... apart from those all too regular times when it turns into bug-mageddon. I think most of it's problems are server lag related, it does seem to go a bit wonky if say a zone locks, a siege starts or a player logs in somewhere or presses something on their keyboard. :P Maybe sometime I should list all the bugs I still regularly see in TotVL, might do Mythic a favour... things like 3rd boss still randomly vanishes into the floor, 4th boss wont let players release from the trap things, 5th boss random line of sight issues (healer gets no LoS messages even when standing next to you), 8th boss standing still letting you kill him but the PQ not completing... oh you know what, I can't be arsed :P

Anyways getting back to what was meant to be a the brief and simple post:

Cor blimey guv and other such cliche mockney expressions. I hope Mythic's 1.3.5 plan is 1) made of awesome pie with proper English custard, and 2) here soon!

In other total bloody awesome, but utterly unrelated to WAR news; Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip's new album is out. Their first album was pure win with classics like Thou shalt always kill, a letter from God to man and of course Look for the woman. Those links are a few videos from the aforementioned albums, well worth a look if you fancy listening to some music that actually has a point. Plus Scroobius has an epic beard, which ofc means he is a man of genuine wisdom.

PS yes its stupid o'clock and I couldn't sleep


  1. Sounds like a normal day in WAR.

  2. Hai boots ;)

    If TotVL wasnt so buggy it would be known as one of the best MMORPG dungeons.

    Cities are yuck. Bring zhe patch!!!!

    Music! Lyrics on that god to man tune are brilliant. Thx for teh tip.

  3. "Get better", not really my type of music, but the text is just pure win.


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