Thursday 11 March 2010

Mythic in blog linking frenzy and tease on city changes

Over on their Herald website Mythic have gone on a blog linking frenzy and given a shout out to both the new and veteran WAR bloggers amongst us. I really like to see Mythic recognise our efforts like this, it’s only a simple thing for them to have done, but it shows they do read and are aware of their community. Of course the cynics out there will say that whilst it shows they read, it doesn’t mean they listen. But, for those of us trying to blog regularly it is nice to be acknowledged and it certainly gives you some encouragement to get tapping on that keyboard.
Mythic linked to me with the following comments:
Bootae brings us his across-the-pond perspective on naked city sieges and why he feels like there are too many city sieges happening on the EU Server Karak Norn. Not to worry Bootae, 1.3.5 is on the way and it will change the way we look at cities forever.
You will notice I’ve highlighted the last sentence. That’s a pretty damn bold statement by Mythic. And whilst we’re still not getting any rumours of what I really want to hear about (live/paid/whatever expansion), this one sentence is on the right track. If 1.3.5 really does revolutionise cities for the better, then this would go a long way to improving the whole WAR experience and give more than orange pixels as an incentive to attack or defend cities. Hell, with luck it could even be the thing that brings back realm pride and even some emotional attachment to the campaign. As long as Mythic follow up that one sentence with the magnitude it implies.
Soooo, what do we know about 1.3.5 city changes? Not a lot other than:
  • The focus will change from PvE to RvR.
  • Mythic have said previously that 1.3.4’s changes to zones unlocking once a city is captured was a requirement for the city changes in 1.3.5.
  • Will this mean absolutely no PvE in the city sieges?
  • If they are fully reliant on RvR, how will it work if there aren’t enough enemies to go round?
  • Will we see NPCs bolstering under-strength sides?
  • Why were the zones unlocking a requirement? What’s the relationship?
  • Will there be a reduction in how often cities are sieged?
  • Or are the changes so dramatic that I have no real clue what I should be asking?
    Hmmm, hmmm and thrice hmmm.

    1. I may add..

      hmmm ;)

      No info on how Mythic wants to change the city sieges. I would like some info that's more least a direction other than "more RvR"..which can mean anything.

    2. Totally agree. Vague as they've been I can't see how to take that sentence in their response to me as anything other than a bloody bold statement. They know my concerns, so if that is to reassure me then it will have to be really awesome changes...

    3. Lets be honest, it was a stupid change to make, when they changed the conditions under which city seiges happened. It didn't need a crystal ball to forsee what would happen. Constant city seiges.

      Oh well maybe Mythic will plan in advance next time, instead of forcing us to endure their mistakes while putting them right. Get the environment correct, then change the conditions which drive people to the city seiges.

      Mmmm, maybe my attitude didn't get me a link (More likely I have been an intermittent poster) ;) But stupidity should never be hidden, it should be highlighted as an example of what not to do.

      PS - Grats Bootae on the link, fame and fortune is just a heartbeat away ;)

    4. I'm really excited for this change. Congratulations on the link, too!

    5. lol cheers guys ;) Today linked by Mythic, tomorrow performing in Musicals with John Barrowman. :P

    6. I want to thank you for making such a fun blog to read and I hope that you will continue to blog for a while. I would also like to say that you have inspired me to create my own WAR blog about my main char Scyrner

    7. Heyas Scryner, thanks mate and good luck with the blog :)

      BTW you've got 3 blogs in your profile, looks like you've been testing things out ;) Post a link here with the one you're updating and I'll add it to my blog roll.

    8. i dunno why that happened do you know how to delete it?

      anyway link is

    9. I think if you go to your Dashboard, choose edit profile and then select "Select blogs to display", from there you can turn blogs off. Not 100% sure though.


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