Wednesday 17 March 2010

An alternative dilemma

Oh me oh my, what to do? I’m suffering from indecision, which is not something that normally affects me. Indifference, apathy, random hatred, the raging horn and mild obsessions yes, I’ve got those well covered. Just ask my long-suffering wife… but indecision is not usually my scene. And so you may ask what is this incredibly important dilemma perplexing me so?
I can’t make my mind up which character to level next. Yes indeed, a decision of such great importance that it’s right up there with which useless expenses stealing twat I vote for at the next election. If only Jesse Ventura was British, and my local MP… then at least my voting choice would be easy. Alas Britain’s only Double-Hard-Bastard™ politician, Paddy Ashdown (ex-SBS) has retired.
Ok so here’s my current Destruction character list:
Chosen (40)
Choppa (40)
Magus (40)
Shaman (40)

Witch Elf (33)
Squig Herder (26ish)
Disciple of Khaine (in the teens somewhere)
Marauder (10)
Zealot (10)
Sorcerer (10)

There are things I like about all the potential candidates for 5th  level 40.. You’ll notice Black Guard and Black Orc are missing. Whilst I like the imagery of both, I tried them and didn’t like their play styles compared with my Chosen. So that leaves all the ones in yellow above to choose from. I think I’m leaning slightly more towards the Marauder or Squig Herder, though obviously the Marauder is a long way from 40. Yet every time I see one of those mutations ripple into different forms, or watch Biggsie’s Marauder video, I become more and more tempted. Of course the overpowered uberness of both the Sorcerer and Disciple of Khaine should be tempting, but to be honest I’ve never picked a class because of how good it is. Play style and imagery are the most important, which makes it more complicated as both of those classes are also fun to play, plus the DoK’s emo stance makes me laugh and my Sorceress has epic norks. Then there’s the Zealot, the red-headed bastard step child of Destruction and very intriguing because of that fact alone. I’m not impressed with mine so far, but I know they get damn good later and are always in demand. And then finally there’s the Squig Herder. It’s a goblin, which earns huge points, it has Squigs for even more points, it’s a goblin, it’s sneaky and it is a lot of fun to play. And it’s a goblin. Did I mention it’s a goblin?
The other part of this dilemma is I’m bored of the PvE grind, I’ve done it too many times now. So the other option is to purely RvR grind my way up, but I don’t have enough gaming time for this and my main character. RvR grinding is too slow for me personally right now. I don’t mind the lower tiers, but I’m an end-game player at heart. To me levelling is just a means to an end. I want to be in tier 4, building armour sets and balancing stats ASAP. I could get friends to power level me in Land of the Dead, but I don’t want to waste their time, so whatever I go for it has to be the right choice.
Any suggestions?


  1. Go with the Marauder. Personally I understand your sentiment about choosing a class for their play style and Imagery as both of those is major things that I look at when choosing an alt. My destro character list looks a lot like yours and therefore I understand your dilemma. My vote is the Marauder or the Squig Herder. Anyway you already have one char of each type and therefore your (new life) is open to you.

  2. Squig Herder for the Frenzy and great justice!

  3. Marauder it up, you know they look the most pimp at end game.

  4. I have a half plan formed... I'm going to power level my Squig Herder up with guild AoE of doom help and then while he builds up rest xp I will play the Marauder, get him to 25 and then monstrosity farm LotD :)

  5. Squig Herder is fun to play from level 1 to 40 I really enjoy getting sneaky KB's from range and genrally harrasing the order healers the downside is once you're in melee range your screwed. It was so much fun playing in lower tiers I have been tempted to roll another....

  6. lol Nulfy if you get 2 RR80 Squig Herders I think you would win WAR


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