Sunday 28 March 2010

Another greenskin night vid

Just noticed they've finally fixed the sound on this video of an old Kill Frenzy Greenskin night. Youtube got all paranoid about permissions, etc. Video was made by Lotusblade.

Whole vid is ofc worth watching, it might start off as a standard music+action game vid but it has a bit more to it ;) Highlights include:
  • 2.20 - The infamous Steveo nekkid Orc roflstomping, which went on to spawn a guild tradition.
  • 2.30 - Ever tried organising Orcs? This eventually leads to me having some kind of mental breakdown on vent.
Oh and just loads of naked Orc action.

KF being a guild full of dirty old men and equally foul women, this video is a bit on the sweary side. Oh and the last song on there is a bit, uhm yeah... So if you're all precious about language, well you've been warned.

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