Monday 15 March 2010

Create your own live events

Sunday night on Karak Norn was a good one with plenty of hot RvR action, but this was not the normal free for all campaign lark, oh no sir. Whilst the random masses went to Altdorf (shock horror), a load of us had a great time at a player organised roaming 6v6 event. These events happen fairly regularly on Karak Norn, once a month or so with a selection of different people that organise them. Attendance varies, but thankfully last night had a good turn out from both factions.
The events are held in a zone that is locked, so you don’t get too many interruptions from the general population and the organisers will move the event to another locked zone if the situation changes. The event itself has a few simple rules and as such works really well. It basically works like this:
  • To save confusion, spectators have to be naked and mounted. Otherwise expect to get hit.
  • Teams are limited to 6 (duh), but can have any composition within that.
  • The teams roam the zone and engage any enemy teams they encounter. No need to /wave or anything, just charge in. It is a roaming PvP event.
  • No adding into other people’s fights.
  • If you see an enemy team that have just finished fighting, give them 30 seconds or so afterwards to heal up, get action points and cool downs sorted.
  • No banners, resurrection potions or pocket items.
    The event is competitive for sure, with top teams from both sides appearing, but there is room for experimental set ups and more casual teams and everyone knows they should expect to die lots. I also am pleased to say I’ve always found them to be very sporting events with a good atmosphere.
    As for how I got on… Well our team was cobbled together 5 minutes before the start, which is obviously less than ideal and not something I would recommend normally. My personal preference is for melee themed groups and I got lucky, as there were two of KF’s  Marauders online. Marauders that IMHO are two of the best on our server. So with the people available we built a group consisting of:
    Chosen (sword and board)
    Black Orc (sword and board)
    2x Marauder (AP drain specced muhahahaha)
    Disciple of Khaine (heal specced)
    Zealot (uber)
    Some of the fights went on for ages; one in particular was about 10 minutes of utter carnage. Our opponents fielded all manner of different set ups, from the classic slayer/ironbreaker DPS of Doom, to kiting 3 healer chain ressing nightmares. Different challenges, difficult fights and a boat load of fun. We finished with 8 wins and 5 losses before I was summoned elsewhere.
    /salute to all involved
    If your server doesn’t have player-made live events like these, then I would highly recommend you think about getting one organised. They make a great change from the norm.

    1. Oh hi! Thanks for the nice post about 6v6!

      Sadly ive been banned from WHA for a month.

    2. NP mate, thanks for the event :)

      And doh, naughty boy :D

    3. I do wish I could get on more. Goddam media centre's .... Bah humbug.

      I think the spectators naked is a great idea.


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