Friday 19 March 2010

WAR expansions confirmed!

First off here is the link to the confirmation from Bioware/Mythic's top boy in an article over at massively.

And now if you cba to click the link, here is the info:

In a recent GDC 2010 interview with UGO, BioWare's Dr. Ray Muzyka said of Warhammer Online, "Right now it's [a] really profitable business unit within my group." Muzyka went on to say they've actually seen more people come into the game since enacting the free-to-play model on the game's earlier levels, and that he personally felt they were working. 

In fact, by the sounds of it, Warhammer Online is due for some interesting announcements in the future. Another of Muzyka's comments on the title was, "We have new content planned and all kinds of cool expansions for it." We don't know how much more clear cut a message can be than that. And hey, it's good news! We're looking forward to our playable Skaven and Lizardmen, Mythic and BioWare.

Oh yea of little faith! In your face doubters! ;) Though I bet the usual negative troll brigade pick holes in this, even though you can't get much more of a solid confirmation.


  1. I can't get to the Massively link here from work. ARGH!

    After a pretty crummy work week this news ends it on a high note!

  2. Well admittedly we don't know what scope these 'expansions' will take. Whether it's a paid boxed expansion, paid smaller digital expansion, or one of the free live expansions like LotD.

    Still ANY variety of the above would be welcome. However the plurality used in talking about it makes me think they could be thinking of smaller content updates than the large surge in content that may be required for Skaven/Lizardmen to be infused into the WAR landscape.

    I'm greeting the announcement with guarded optimism and now hope that more CONCRETE details come forth as we progress closer to summer.

  3. Oh, they could allways start with just on skaven breeder...

  4. Very good news for us that have high hopes for the game :) Skaven as playable class will bring thousands back in the game


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