Wednesday 3 March 2010

What my cat and (some) Bright Wizards have in common.

Guild members and friends of Kill Frenzy visiting our ventrilo may have heard me whinging about my cats. You see my wife, bless her bonkers cotton socks, is training to be a mad cat lady. She’s got the mad bit covered and is now working on the cat part with us currently owning 3 of the feline gits. And I’m pretty sure they are out to get me. One of the ways I can tell this is how the swines make my designated WAR gaming nights difficult. For some strange reason the little buggers always have their toileting “accidents”, their strolls across the keyboard or general moments of Furry Arseholeness™, exactly as we pull a vulture lord boss or a scenario pops. Coincidence? Hah! Their Puss-in-Boots style big eyes do not fool me; I can see the malice and cunning lurking behind that cute fa├žade. It’s like Pinky and the Brain with claws.
We’ve had a problem lately with other cats coming through the cat-flap and into the house. This is not good. Other cats smell and it causes all sorts of feline related aggro, so having had enough of this foul situation, at the weekend I sealed up the cat-flap. No more visits from some neighbours festering moggy now. So, how does this relate to (some) Bright Wizards then? Well you see one of our cats “Jasper” is a complete moron. Somewhat reminiscent of Brick “I love lamp” Tamland from Anchorman, he’s nice enough, but there just isn’t much going on upstairs. Poor retarded Jasper is struggling with the concept of a sealed catflap and on Sunday he spent 5 hours trying to head-butt it open, only pausing once every 30 minutes or so to meow in furstration. I was near pissing myself on vent with the constant THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! MEOWWWWW! THUD! THUD! THUD! rumbling out of the kitchen.
This ‘idiocy despite the obvious’ reminded me of the Ironclad scenario and the many bombing Bright Wizards I encountered. It seems a great many Bright Wizards just can’t get out of their bomb mentality. They’ve had it so easy for so long and their PBAoE spam is so ingrained that the concept of it not working is utterly beyond them. Problem is if you’re facing decent opponents in the Ironclad, unless your group is both set up and coordinating perfectly, bombing just won’t work. Over and over and over again at the weekend I butchered Bright Wizards. The same red names repeating the same blind button spam and getting nowhere. You would have thought they’d learn after the first scenario against groups like ours, but no, they just kept running up to me (a sword and board Chosen) and tried their best to bomb my health to zero. And like poor little Jasper head butting a sealed cat flap, all they got out of it was a sore head.
I see this sort of thing regularly when out solo roaming, it’s always funny and it always fails, but this scenario really highlighted the comedy as I saw a whole load of names that I’ve never seen doing solo or small scale before. I can only presume that all they do is run with zergs and spam AoE. Of course there were other Bright Wizards that used their little grey cells and changed tactics. Also there were others that did have effective bomb groups, with excellent healing & guards, which mainly led to a stalemate as neither side could out-DPS the team healing spam. Those Wizards with a clue were all names I’ve learnt to respect beforehand anyway. However the vast majority were just free renown… over and over again.
I wonder if Order players had the same experience with Sorcerers? I’d expect so, since mindless play is not restricted by career, it’s down to the individual. It just becomes more obvious with popular careers, particularly if they have a huge flaming spell effect everywhere they go. New players flock to the easy to play and powerful classes, that’s why people call them FOTM (flavour of the month) after all, and as a Destruction player I get to fight a LOT of Bright Wizards.
I think on Destruction the most popular class is probably Chosen, for similar reasons to the Bright Wizard. They can just spam Ravage and be quite effective whilst facing poor players or when hidden amongst a zerg. However if that Ravage spammer has to face a decent player, well… perhaps it’s not just the aforementioned Bright Wizards that remind me of my moronic moggy.


  1. Then there are those of us who rolled Chosen, cause we're pure evil.

  2. I'm with you there old boy. Picked mine on launch purely for the look and opportunity for evil. Though admittedly at launch Chosen were a weak class anyway, not complaining now mind you :P

  3. I've said it before but I'll say it once again. Always awesome reading your blog Booate!

  4. Cheers matey ;) great to see you representing GOA out in our extended community ;)


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