Friday 29 May 2009

Angry lass on a floaty disk

I'm finding Tier 4 to be horrifically zergy lately. With 1.3 just around the corner and me not being a huge fan of zerg warfare, it's hit my motivation to play Tier 4 oRvR a bit. I'm sure it will spark my interest again soon, I'm already getting a few withdrawl symptoms, but in the meantime I'm experimenting with my Magus "Devotchka".

Officially the least popular class in the game and undoubtedly inferior to it's mirror (Engineer), but it's still the ranged DPS class I'm interested in. I got a taste for DoT based ranged DPS classes with my affliction warlock in World of Warcraft. Not totally sure why I find them more appealing than direct damage nukers, maybe it's the tortuous manner of death these classes provide their enemies. Nothing quite like DoTing the crap out of some poor sod and watching them run to their death. Embracing my inner sadist? Hmm maybe.

I hit level 28 tonight and so far still enjoying it. Right now I don't think the Magus is as bad as people make out, it's got issues that's for sure and it takes work to make the most of, but I'm doing fine in Tier 3 RvR. However, we all know that class balance can change dramatically as you move through the tiers. Perhaps Tier 4 will send me spiralling into Magus manic depression.

I'm also considering playing my Chosen more again. There are still things I'm not liking about the class right now (hopefully 1.3 will address those), but I'm finding it too wierd with people starting to call me Gash instead of Boots (my Choppa is Gashface). Been known as Bootae for 12 years of MMO gaming now and I think I'm too senile to cope with a new name :D


  1. T4 zerg warfare is getting to me also. Especially because it has been so unbalanced on my server lately. No matter how many warbands we can muster up, the other side produces that many plus two more. I've actually been wanting to hit up scenarios, but they haven't been popping for my T4 main or for my T2 alt.

    Looking forward to 1.3 though, really hoping it'll bring some old friends back.

  2. aoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dotaoe-dot =D
    its too bad the range on most of the aoe dots are 65ft and not 100ft, but I guess it would make them too overpowered.

    but when they can hit the oil/wall defenders, watch them scurry! :D

  3. If you like to play solo you will find magus really hard in T4.

    I agree the class is better than its given credit for but outside guild groups its really really hard to do well.

    I wish we could get more zerg warfare. My server only seems to have scenarios as the entirity of order seem to refuse to talk to each other and only do small groups (uselss for zone takes).

  4. @ Dave K - In tier 4 on my server (Karak-Norn) thankfully the scenarios pop pretty regular. It's just our oRvR that's turned into a zergfest. Last few weeks Order have been a bit quiter in Tier 4, which is a shame. Lower tiers are very Destruction dominated at the moment, which is less interesting.

    @ Wanderlust - Spot on yeah :D I believe in 1.3 Magus get a tactic like Engineer's throwing arm which will increase the range of changing spells.

    @ Kash - That's exactly what I've heard from most Magus players. Maybe the patch will change things, but regardless I'm preparing myself for Tier 4 misery :P

  5. Just seen the latest updated 1.3 patch notes. Lots of Magus buffs it seems.

    Some small nerfs too ofc, but just along the lines of AoE nerfs that everyone gets hit by.

  6. You have lost the Way my friend...come back to the Chosen. LOL!

    I can't stand being stuck on a disk all day. Bleh

  7. As someone who plays the engineer, I feel for the Magus players out there, because it seems they just aren't up to par with our class. I'm hopeful that the 1.3 modifications will help a little bit in that regard.

  8. Rivs ;) I'm finding my way again bud don't worry. I've gone back to Chosen as my main and am going to be seen more regularly in oRvR with him again ;)

  9. Huzzah! The Raven God be pleased!


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