Sunday 3 May 2009

Teasing me with your Orcy goodness. Ya gits! (updated!)

Not going to be quitting my campaign for bringing back the missing cities, regardless of how fruitless as it may prove to be. Just in case you've not had a butchers around the Orc Fortress, if you go for a look behind it this is what you see. Click the image to see the full picture...

The gate to the Orc city... Just sitting there, teasing us with it's magnificent Orcy glory. What a waste :(

Want it! Want it now!

Thanks to Kolapz for sending in some screenshots of the Dwarf and Elven City gates. Check these beauties out (again click for the full picture):


  1. Aye, the entrance to the Dwarf city is behind the dwarven fortress as well, it looks awesome. Not sure if I saw the Elven one though. Gonna take a look around and upload some screens.

  2. Here ya go :D

  3. Nice one dude. Gah we really need these activated :D

  4. Awesome pics. I've been to all those locations and thought to myself ... hope they make those available one day. The Dwarf City gates are possibly the coolest!

    No inside info, just an opinion ... I'd think that these other 4 cities would become available in an expansion of some sort. Mythic would need to keep Altdorf and the Inevitable City as the main focus, the biggest cities, and have these as supporting.

    Other than to see these cities why attack them? I feel there would need to be a purpose to doing so. To attack the Dwarf city would unlock weaponsmiths, weapons, machines, etc. To attack the Dark Elf city (ark) you would unlock magical items, buffed magic, abilities, etc.

    They would no doubt be cool but I'd want there to be some sort of purpose behind them.


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