Monday 18 May 2009

Gashface the Conqueror

Cor blimey guv! It didn't take long to get Gashface a full set of Conqueror's War Brudda's Kit. Sure there's already other choppas with Invader, but then I don't play quite as much as those nut jobs ;) Plus I'm still using Bootae and splitting time between characters, so this was pretty damn quick really. Admittedly I've been a right jammy git with rolls, but it has to be said, the new token system was a huge help and I would be forced into BB/BE otherwise.

I got the chest, shoulders and belt with tokens, the helm from guild keep claim capture loot and both the gloves and boots dropped from players. Result :)

Token system, I salute you!


  1. You should of seen all the invader loot I farmed today in 4 hours on Dark Crag in IC. I wrote about it today in my blog.

  2. Cheer guys ;)

    And Eye, gratz on the Invader :) If you get in a fast city instance its amazing how much invader can be farmed.

  3. Grats mate!


  4. He looks sweet! Is his jaw part of a helm? It looks cool.

    Leading up to WAR's release I compared graphics between WAR and WOW ... the character progression in WAR just seems so much better. Just my opinion but the characters just look better from R1 to R40.

  5. Yeah that jaw is part of the helm. It's basically a metal skull cap with leather straps holding the huge bone jaw in place. :D

    I totally agree. The graphics in WAR are far superior to WoW's campness, particularly with characters and their armour.

  6. Makes me want to roll an Orc!

    Again, not trying to rip WOW as I know it has some cool stuff in it. But looking at this Orc ... he is scary. The way you'd envision them being -- big and menacing. In WOW ... they look goofy.

  7. Oh aye, there's a lots to like about WoW. Played it for years myself whilst waiting for Warhammer Online ;) But I much prefer the darker feel of warhammer. Plus WoW's PvP blows chunks and I like my PvP. ;)


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