Friday 15 May 2009

1.3 patch notes are out and it's on the US PTS

Link :

I'd copy it all here, but there's such a huge amount of info it will take too long to format :P You'd be better off reading the official page linked above.

There's loads of interesting things aside from the stuff we knew about too, just a few examples would be:
Public Quest Loot Roll Opt-Out
Auto Roll Tab
Large-scale Keep fights will now have the possibility of awarding additional gold bags for attackers or medallions for defenders.
Seizing an upgraded Keep will now yield additional gold bags, depending on the Keep's level.
Additional Ordnance Weapons
Crafting Inventory Improvements
Respawn checkpoints have been added throughout Gunbad. In most cases, this means that when a character dies, he or she will respawn closer to the location of death instead of at the dungeon entrance.rather These checkpoints also include a Healer.

Unfortunately it appears the Chosen is one of the classes included in this statement:
Due to the wide scope of these changes, we will be rolling them out on a career-by-career basis over the next few patches. Careers that did not get damage adjustments in 1.3 will be receiving them in the next update.

Ahh well, at least it's on its way.

Bring on the EU PTS pls!

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  1. I seriously hope the respawn places will be added to Lost Vale... I mean Gunbad is fine... but I'm pretty sure end game is more important right now >.<


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