Thursday, 14 May 2009

AoE IS being nerfed, single target damage improved

Mythic have started posting up their previews of class changes in 1.3, the first one I looked at included this all important bit if information:

Patch 1.3's major balance changes focus on the balancing of direct damage vs. area-of-effect abilities. All careers should expect to see AoE effectiveness reduced across the board. This reduction can come in a change to damage/healing, AP cost, or effect radius, and will vary from ability to ability.

Bloody great news! I had heard rumours of course, but I'm really pleased to see it confirmed by Mythic. Hopefully if we get some single target damage again it could mean playing a Chosen will make us enough of a threat that we're more than just a glorified buff bot for DPS classes.

Not all the posts are up so I can't link them all yet, but here are some examples of the sort of changes we're getting for Marauders and Bright Wizards. Also there's nerfs to AoE healing which we can see for example with the Warrior Priest changes.

To me this all sounds very promising. Everyone knows the game has become too AoE dependent and it needs to be addressed. For me, the sooner these changes go live the better. However I expect to read plenty of rage quit and general mewing threads soon :D Awesome ;)

Update: I forgot to mention is ninja Keep takes are being removed for upgraded keeps.


  1. Sweeeet!!! Damn good news :) I saw it said all melée dps I'd being looked at :)

  2. Looks awesome! TOgether with the price changes at Quartermaster and Land Of The Dead the future looks bright !

  3. Ork jeebus cried a little of joy when he saw the changes! :D


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