Wednesday 6 May 2009

Sometimes they really are cheating

Bloody hell! Arseholes are on a mission to ruin other people's fun by installing the latest cheat add on for WAR. But this time it's not a little thing, it's a huge game breaking, OMFG thing that Mythic need to address NOW.

Worryingly I'm hearing that if people post about their concerns on the official forums, Mythic ban them! Seriously... it's the internet, you can't play head in the sand, ignore it and hope it goes away. If people want to cheat, they'll already have this installed. Far better to have someone senior reply to the decent people playing the game, raising very valid concerns and confirm to them that you're dealing with it. Blizzard sued the bastards that made that botting tool, pay attention to that I'd say.

To get the low down on this and what you need to watch out for, I urge you to go listen to the excellent WARP podcast. I've just seen a video of this cheat on youtube too, woah... Not hard to spot it would seem.

If you see anyone using this crap, please for the good of the game screenshot it, report them and hopefully they will get banned.


  1. I first saw that youtube video back in October, and, if you're referring to the same one, it was uploaded 7 months ago - it's not fresh news really.

    I the 7 months since the video was uploaded, which is probably around the same time the hack has been created, I saw 1 guy doing it. One.

    Considering the recent media exposure about it, I suspect there has been an increase in people using it on the US servers, and certainly, the exposure itself will increase it even more.

    I am not saying that putting our heads in the sand and being quiet about it is the way to go. Not at all. It should be discussed and us, the players, should do whatever is possible to stop it while it's in the "root" phase and not let it grow. The only thing we can do is report hackers. As I already said, I saw one guy doing it in my entire WAR playing period and I reported him. I never saw him again.

    Now, if we do discuss it, it will sure attract retards that will use it even more than if we don't discuss it. It's a double-edged sword really.

    I'm sure Mythic will do their best to keep this sort of crap to a minimum. Surely, you must know, if there is a game - it can be hacked and it can be cheated. There is not a single game out there that has no cheaters in it. Again, the goal is to keep this to a minimum.

    EA is a serious company, and much like Blizzard, I'm sure they'll take all the needed steps to stop this in its tracks.

    I know I babbled a lot writing this. It's just that this sort of crap works me up into a nerd-rageish state and it is hard to make my point.

    Anyways, death to cheaters.

  2. Amen to that brother.

    I wasn't sure if I was going to post about it at first, but it's one of those damned if you do damned if you don't type things. Advertise it more, or ignore it hoping it's been dealt with....

    I've not seen anyone I could say was definately using Warbuddy, though I have regularly seen quite a few people that appear to be doing something similar to the old DAoC screen dragging. In particular there's a couple of Archmages and Runepriests that EVERY time you get near them, they teleport away. Over and over again... Regardless of lag or anything.

    First time I put it down to random oddness, but when its everytime then that is a bit more blatant. I imagine you Order chaps have a few on our side you'll have seen up to no good.

    Not going to name and shame on here or forums, but in future I'll be reporting them. For what that's worth anyway...

  3. Like your blog!

    Let me first say I don't like cheaters or cheating. Listening to the podcast first I then went on YouTube to watch a few vidz of this in action.

    I actually like some of the features: running fast, flying, walking around after you die but not being able to interact with anything. To me those are kind of cool.

    What I don't like is the rezzing in place or being able to attack while you are underground. That's wrong, it's an exploit, and it's cheating.

    I love WAR and play almost every night. I would love to be able to wander around like a ghost so I could just see the different environments without having to fight or get attacked ... just to sight-see. It would also be cool to be able to fly around and see the WAR world from different angles. But that's just me.

    The cheating aspect of this stinks and it will be interesting to see if something is done about this. I have seen a few players that I thought were flying or running in the air. I thought it was a glitch ... and in some instances it was my cousin (who I know doesn't have this) and some guildies (who I know also don't have it).

    Should be interesting and thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes indeed Bootae, we have our suspects from Destro side as well for "window dragging" although it's done differently here with just one key as everyone knows already.

    To the above poster, shame on you.

  5. Wankers! Thats all I have to say


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