Sunday 8 February 2009

WHA posts Comic Con write up

Low on time, so just a quick post.. but check out this article here.

Lots of cool sounding things, but in particular the changes for getting Conqueror gear. I've heard plenty of people lately whinging about not being able to get greater ward armour without doing PvE, and they probably have a point. So these 2 points may cool things down ;)

1)Conqueror gear may be spread to the guards in the forts.
And the big one...
2) After patch 1.2, they will implement a “currency” system, which will allow you to gain an alternate form of “currency” for capturing keeps. Those can then be saved up to buy Conqueror gear, and possibly more.

This is a really good move and can't come soon enough tbh. With the dungeon lock down timers it's a pain in the neck getting wards regardless of if you want to PvE or not. And of course if you don't want to do the instances, well at the moment you're stuffed.

Also... Choppa and Slayer sound great. New mounts and mount colours, yay! And the traps and stuff in the new dungeon, hah awesomeness ;)

Tentonhammer have got a really good video of the Choppa with Adam Gershowitz explaining everything. Check it out here. I'm sooo making one :)

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