Tuesday 10 February 2009

Getting hyped for some Choppa action

For the last couple of years of my time in WoW, I played a Fury DPS warrior (dual wield melee DPS). It was a class I really enjoyed, the whole in your face spamming attacks like a loony type thing. Whilst it sucked badly in PvP, it was a whole lotta fun in PvE and I always had the option of respeccing arms and getting the 2hander out... if I hadn't spent half my WoW time being disillusioned with WoW PvP anyway.

With the Choppa just a month away, I'm really hoping it's going to be another class that just totally grabs me. I'm really liking the look of the class and since generally the Orc & Goblin stuff in WAR is some of the most characterful and entertaining to play through, hopefully leveling up (again) won't be too tedious.

Wrecka mastery is sounding like the one for me. If it encourages the psychotic playstyle suggested in the video I linked previously, well that can only be fun. ;)

Bring on Nordenwatch packed with Choppas and Slayers! It's gonna be melee madness for sure :D

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