Friday, 27 February 2009

WCPI - Another selection of quality reading for you

So here's a couple of sites for ya...

Blame the Healer is well worth checking out. It's regularly updated, covering all sorts of WAR related topics. Whilst it's obviously written from a healers perspective, there's something for every WAR player there. There's loads of posts I could have linked to, but here's a couple I've picked out..
Having played a healer myself in games before, I highly recommend this post for those that haven't.
And from a week or so ago, check out some WAR extreme tourism ;)

Next up is Snort's blog Tuffmudda. Snort is on the same server as me and is one of the guys that stepped up to the plate to get Destruction organised. As such, this blog is not just written by a WAR player, but a leader of men, women, geeks and questionables. ;)

He often posts about the big events on Karak Hirn, so you get some action replays :) You maybe interested to read on this cunning diversionary tactic for keep defenses.
Snort being a Black Orc player there's often posts about the class and thankfully always from a considered and objective viewpoint.
Also I must link to this post. One of his guildies has made an excellent Lost Vale guide.

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