Monday 28 June 2010

Actually something to add, now I've had a little ponder

So in my post a little while ago I updated it to say

"I didn't mention the no XP, loot, etc gains for a week. This was kinda half intentional, it just doesnt concern me and my subconcious ignored it :D We get 2 weeks refund which more than covers it and unlike many (most?) people, I can quite happily continue to play for a week just for fun and not pixel reward ;) "

Thinking about it, I should have dwelled on this more. Its not something that bothers me much, but then I'm unusual and whilst I like loot, character progression, etc, I will still play just for shit and gigles. Most other people probably are not like that. From what I've read and heard just now, a lot of people are planning a break from WAR until the XP gain is back online.

What maybe a bit of a factor to consider here is for up to 9 days those people are going to be distracted by other things. So after those 9 days one has to hope that those distractions (I'm thinking about APB here, though I dont rate it myself) remain temporary and people leap straight back to WAR. To ensure this, if Mythic are clever, they will hit us very, very soon with some lovely tempting news about the future than gives people a special distraction fighting carrot.

Alas, I've a dubious feeling they wont say a word and not even considered this as a potential issue. I could of course be wrong about any of this. What do you think?


  1. They probably have thought of it (one of their many underlings), but I agree to the extent that I doubt they will move towards letting the cat out of the bag on upcoming new content in order to retain their playerbase.

    What do you think about Mythic server's downtime translating over to eu as just before primetime (like 1-5 pm or such)? It will be an issue for me during the summer and perhaps after.

  2. It's not ideal for me, but not the end of the world. I imagine people in Eastern Europe may not be so pleased...

  3. Konfuzfanten, Norm, Order - BnQ29 June 2010 at 02:03

    Well just got my new VL group together, so this down time on progression makes me a sad panda. I think the server will be pretty dead, i think go respec my AM to duel/lol-dps for kicks.

  4. I think this week is the perfect opportunity to bring your DPS healers out of the closet and run them naked in SCs. It'll be like it never happened anyways.

  5. 2w of free game time after we move, but 9 days without any character progression, =5days of free game time. I will most likely play anyway but don't think sc will pop, dont think the zerg will be out, don't think the average random renown whores will play (the once I kill and laugh at). Tbh, I think the game will have 5-10% players. And from what I have seen before, peopel not playing because: on short break, long break, IRL stuff, mytic/goa screw up, trying new game. Every time people are away from the game, the risk of them quit are bigger than if they didn't was away from game. Just hope the 2w of free time is enough to make everyone play again. And this will postpone my rr80 ding and since I get zero exp, playing my alts in not really a option...

  6. Well i wont be logging in for sure. T4 got boring again with endless city sieges and ive been mostly been playing alts to level. No point in playing the alts when you cant level them up henche no reason to log in.

    As for Mythic releasing new info its unlikely it will happen. At best its probobly gona be 1.3.6 notes. If they wanted to keep people intressted in the game they should have released expansion information at the end of may/begining of june before people went for holidays etc..

  7. APB eh? : :-)

    hook me up on the patriot 2 server if you buy :)


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