Thursday 6 October 2011

X3 love

I've played the X series games a fair bit over the years, particularly X3, though I kinda forgot about them. Then the other day I realised I actually owned but had never played the most recent release: X3 Terran Conflict (or X3:TC for short).

It's awesome. Proper awesome. If you've never played any of the X games, they're best described as either Elite re-made to modern standards, or as a single player version of EVE Online but without the shite flight control system. Ironically I rediscover this whole unplayed version which is going to eat up LOOOOOOOOOOADS of my time, shortly before the all new X-Rebirth comes out (due later this year), but hey I'll probably wait and play that next year or something :P

Anyways, so now I'm building a trade empire whilst mixing in a bit of pirate hunting. Things are going quite well so far. Though I'm considering turning pirate myself once I'm a bit more established in the game, for further drama.

A truly great game this, but not one for those with short attention spans or low IQs. Stick to Farmville if that's you.

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