Wednesday 26 October 2011

RIFT return

I'm not entirely sure why I reactivated my RIFT account. All the things that disappointed me about the game are still there (Rifts not being as dynamic as I hoped at 50 and being very much a standard themepark MMO) and I'm still not interested in raiding. For the record I used to be a big raider, but raiding for me is just no longer lifestyle friendly. Not meaning to sneer, but it's for kids and those without regular interruptions in real life and my going AFK every 30mins would just annoy everyone and make for a shite experience all round.

The PvP is ok, standard scenario/warfront/battleground fare and typically lame gank wank out in the zones. I must say the PvP was horrible until I had a full set of the Prestige rank 2 armour, after which it got a lot less painful. It's still far too gear orientated, but it's not as bad as something like WoW in that respect. Or how WAR was directly after 1.4 with it's RR90+ auto-win feature (admittedly that is way better now).

The single/duo player chronicle raid dungeons are pretty cool. I'm only in basic tier 1-2 gear so soloing them takes a bit of effort, but was quite an entertaining challenge. Which I've now done, so not hugely fussed about repeating it, though I'm not yet totally turned off the idea. It's a good feature as it lets me see content I wouldn't normally get to look at without raiding 4 nights a week. Sure, the rewards are decidedly meh, but then that seems only fair all things considered.

It's all quite average really and normally I would regret reactivating, however in this case I don't. I'm enjoying messing around with different soul combinations and visually RIFT remains as sweet as ever, so for this month at least it's providing a little extra entertainment. After that, who knows?

I'd still happily recommend RIFT to people. Of course it's very much a PvE game with PvP bolted on, but it's very very good at what it does. And to be fair, there's not much on the horizon that offers anything different.


  1. Do as i have done boss, i went thru Mass Effect 1+2 a couple of times. :) Solid game so to speak and been doing it with higher difficulty setting, been times i thought the neighbour would be able to finaly see my handcontroller thrown thru the wall.

  2. I have to do that soon too (now I'm all puckered up with all those oos). Need to have the perfect save waiting for ME3.

    I also have been toying with the idea of reactivating Rift but the sad truth is my highest character is only around 20 and I'd be playing alone or PUGing. I've got a mountain of single player games I can go through if I wanted to play alone.

    Times are bleak.

  3. I've done ME1 twice :) ME2 only once, but will repeat it prior to ME3 probably :D

  4. Have you read anything on the Secret World? With PvP and three factions I thought it might interest you.

  5. I am keeping only a slight eye on Secret World, on paper it sounds good, but as. Funcom game it will almost undoubtedly look great, be beautifully themed, have huge potential and for the first 3 years be a bug filled piece of shit that will frustrate the hell out of most people that try it.


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