Thursday 20 October 2011

Gaming press reveal SWTOR beta experience, TLDR no shit Sherlock

Various websites, the usual gaming ones, did their big reveal on experiences from an early beta test of republic characters in SWTOR. I would link them, but frankly I can't be arsed because nobody had anything interesting to say and it was all a bit sodding obvious. In summary:

  • It's very well made.
  • It has lots of story stuff which if you like that is cool,but if you don't it isn't.
  • Aside from the story stuff it doesn't really do anything different to the standard EQ-WoW MMORPG template.
  • It has companion characters that are more than just pets.
  • It has crafting that your companions do for you.
  • If you are expecting something revolutionary and different you will be disappointed
  • If you only expect a well made but fairly standard MMORPG then you might like it.

None of this will be news if you've even vaguely followed SWTOR's development.


  1. Sadly the only thing to say about it is the obvious. No big secrets or innovations to continually hype up, though they'll damn well try.

  2. It seems pretty clear that most of the hype was blatant fanboyism (which hype pretty much always is). At least WAR made some attempts at innovation (PQs, RvR lakes etc), its a pity it was just so poorly built. I think the only things this game has going for it is its IP and the story, both of which may be enough for a lot of people but also far short of the mark of what the industry needs right now i.e. something actually really properly next generation. I'm cautiously optimistic about GW, they seem to have some cool ideas (and some shit ones - Asura) but then I suppose so did WAR. Having said that, WAR gave me some of most fun I've ever had in a game, and if another game could consistently deliver anything near the level of fun I had in WAR, i'd probably buy it.

  3. There was one interesting comment: At this time classes are not well balanced.
    If you are not playing a Jedi, life sucks :-)
    That should not come as a surprise to lukke skyywalker, luuk skywaalker and their friends

  4. Interestingly on balance all my mates on the last beta weekend said it was the trooper in particular doing well in PvP...

  5. At least it has no Kung-Fu Pandas and doesn't seem to focus on a <10 years target group. Blizzard is promoting SWTOR better than Bioware ever could.

    A lot of weight on the shoulders of GW2 and Prime to deliver.

    But even if it is the same old shit, I doubt SWTOR will crash and burn. This is what it would take to spark some real innovation. As long as people eat the same old shit over and over and pay for it, there is no need to dare something new.


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