Monday 10 October 2011

Sorta tempted by Rift again..


Just to have a look at the 2 player raid content stuff really. I'm curious as I don't think any other game has done that, at least not well (or has it?). Problem is I just don't know if it's worth me spunking £10 on something with so little spare time for it. Is it really good enough to distract me from other games, or is it just one of those things that sounds good, but gets dull fast....?


  1. It's interesting the first time, there's some collectible things throughout and a handful of achievements that will bring you back a couple times, but after that...

    Definitely cool, but they need to bring out 20 of these at a time, not 2.

  2. Like Grim said,first time you do them they are pretty cool, but after that, unless your a newly dinged 50 theirs not really any point in doing them again and they get old fast. Especially as if your well geared, its easy to solo them. The idea behind them is great, they just need to bring out more of them and some original ones that aren't based around existing raid instances, like the sanctum chronicle,which is all completely new content.

  3. Generic mmo fodder.
    Play or don't it's always your call.


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