Thursday 27 October 2011

The MMO I most look forward to is... (fairly obvious)

There's not a huge amount coming out in MMO land to excite me over the next year. SWTOR I'm keen on, but not hyped for as such, Guild War 2 (as people are probably tired of hearing me say) I don't care about, Secret World I have low expectations for, WoW and it's expansion are sooooooo 3 years ago, Prime BFD is a gamble and other than that, it's only Planetside 2 I've got real hopes for.

2013 however is a different kettle of fish entirely. Dark Millennium Online is the game I'm expecting to be my next true MMO obsession. Regardless of anything to do with the whole MMO bit and the many concerns I have about how this will work out, it has 3 massive selling points for me:

  1. It's Warhammer.
  2. It's made by people that know how to translate Warhammer into excellent computer games.
  3. Its set in the 40k universe, which is my favourite setting of all Gameworkshop's gaming pantheon of awesome.

Nothing else matters.

Yeah I know, supposedly they're making the same stupid mistake as Mythic did with WAR and only going with 2 factions (so by default world PvP will suck), but whilst I'm able to be pretty objective, critical and overly picky with most games, I'm more than willing to ignore that epic cock up just for the chance to run around shouting DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR! or PURGE THE HERETIC! and not look like a total fruit loop.

A whole sodding year away... Damn it.


  1. MMO Rule Nr 1: Ignore MMO-Hype until there are less then three months to release. :)

  2. It kinda says it all about how flat the market is now that the game I'm most wanting to hear about is over a year away :P

  3. This title I am so waiting for, I would sell a kidney to get into beta. But....I have that engrossing fear it will turn into APB in 40k Universe.

  4. Said more or less the same thing on my blog the other day. Will be fun when we're further down the line and can actually, really start to get excited about it. Still seems so far away...

    I dont think it even needs to tick all my MMO boxes (Open PvP etc). A really well done "regular" MMO based in 40k universe is enough to get me hyped. But of course, one hopes that they've observed mistakes from other games and create something really special.

  5. 2 sides?

    2 SIDES?!?!?!?

    How in the heck could they make this same massive epic failure?

    Did nobody working in this game even take 5 minutes looking at why WAR failed?

    UGH! :(


  6. Ahh Muck, I saw that email of yours, didnt mean to ignore it, just got lost in busy times. Will have a butchers asap.

  7. there is only 1 warcry in my bbok when it comes to DMO.



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