Tuesday 3 May 2011

Back from a mini holiday, now what to play first?

Dunno why I put a question mark because it turned out to be World of Tanks. I was on the beta ages ago, and quite enjoyed it, so now it's out properly I figured I'd give it a spin. Whilst it's not an MMO in any sense (its more like Counter Strike with tanks), it is free to play and I'd recommend anyone with a passing interest in metal behemoths from WW2 should try out. Be warned though that you can't group up with friends unless you are a paying subscriber... which I'm not and have no intention of becoming either. For free its great fun, for a monthly sub fee? Hmm there's no proper persistant world, so not worth it.

Next on my agenda is sorting out some RIFT stuff with Kill Frenzy, more on that soon, then perhaps a dungeon or two and what will probably be some regular yet random smatterings of WAR. The brief look I've had at the lastest patch felt a lot a better, though clearly it won't address everyone's issues. Anyways, gotta go cook dinner. Back soon.


  1. Welcome back boss. I missed reading you, I kid you not.

  2. Bon appletits!


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