Wednesday 25 May 2011

New Poll: Dare to dream! What would you most like to see in WAR?

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  1. Either a third faction, or dissolving the alliances between the six factions for a properly bloody as hell WAR (combined with new classes per faction).

  2. i'll have to say relic raid fortresses... i do miss it a lot

  3. Expand the RVR areas.

    Lately I have been running around actually exploring the PVE areas in t4. Mostly because I was looking for good butchering spots.

    And damn there are alot of cool areas, that isnt even used! A good deal of good spots that isnt even used.

    I dont like the current zones. They are to narrow and promotes zerging.

    How about they deleted all t4 and focused just on expanding one? Then insteed of 2 castles and BO´s, they would put like 6-8 castles in the same zon. Im sure that would split up the zerg + making good use of non-used pve areas.

    What you think about that?

  4. Although I was tempted to press the fortress thing first, I went for the expanded areas. Simply because it's what we've been pinning for for the longest time. It's, in my opinion, what would help the game the most. I really don't care for more factions. But I never played DAoC or been very much into the fluff. The things about the Warhammer universe that I love it was WAR that made me love them.

    As has been recurrently stated there are some awesome, epic zones that few people dare tread. Mostly because there's no reason to. It's nothing more than a waste.

    And yes, it would help disband the zerg. It may not end it (if people want to ride together, by God, they'll ride together) but being forced to look for a fight over a larger area will, in theory, cause people to split up, possibly making fights more reliant on player skill than on sheer numeric strength.

    But we've been through this.

  5. dame you, to hard... don't know what to pick... everything sounds so good!

  6. Ok, 3th playable faction with a twist..

    3th playable faction would be great, no idea how to put it in tho, but the twist is good..
    Twist is a new server with no server transferee possibility. why?

    Easy, after playing a bit (10-15h) in t3 and the "new" renown and level cap it could be fun to start over, if it was just more active and sure to get action and maybe even some scenario pop.
    Problem with current server is that if I decide to stick to t3 and lvl up slow, my character will be lvl40 and renown 60 something, and by then (since renown gain is slow since there is no scenarios and action is bad except "primetime") most people in T4 will still out rank and out gear my by far. Would be same for all people re rolling the new faction.

  7. Something that would fire me up and get me to play again. Not that I wouldn't in the future, but something to get me excited. To tempt me back earlier.

    Otherwise it's going to be Duke Nukem, Serious Sam 3 and torchlight II for the next couple of months. Eek.


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