Tuesday 31 May 2011

Like a rabbit with chilli up its arse

At the moment when it comes to MMO gaming, I’m leaping around like a rabbit with a chilli up its arse. Despite the fact that I actually have far less over all MMO gaming time than in previous years, I currently have 4 online games that I am actively playing, albeit in relatively small chunks each. An hour here, 20 minutes there, maybe even an evening there, boing, bloody boing I go.

Warhammer Online
This is clearly my main game again, as it’s the one I’m spending the most time in and also enjoying the most. I’ve been playing my Disciple of Khaine a lot, which has been quite entertaining really. He was L36/RR24 last week and I know the sensible thing would have been to stay in Tier 3 and get his renown rank up to 70, but to be frank Tier 3 sucks badger balls. Too much dull arse RvE as people try to blast their renown rank up with minimum effort. So thanks to about an hour in Land of the Dead and 2 war tracts, I hit level 40 and got stuck into Tier 4 RvR. It’s been fun and its amusing to see how insanely good the DoK career is, allowing me to contribute reasonably well and even heal successfully in scenario premades straight away.

Other than that I’m switching between my horde of other alts and of course my Chosen. I am loving the Chosen again... It’s been great fun I must say and whilst the game still has a great many issues, it is in a fairly comfortable place right now. For me at least... Anyway, as ever I’ve got lots to say about WAR and will be doing just that in the very near future.

The number 2 (and I don’t mean turd) in my gaming time, I am still liking RIFT a lot. I don’t however do any PvP in it anymore, there’s not much to be found even on a PvP server and well, it just can’t compare to WAR in that regard. The PvE is exceptional though and I’ve been doing a weekly dungeon run session with the guys from our Kill Frenzy RIFT guild and thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve also been dabbling a little with a Defiant Cleric on another server and have really enjoyed doing the rifts and events in Freemarch. Doing my PvP in WAR and my PvE in RIFT has left me feeling rather contented with both games, playing them both for what they are good at.

World of Tanks
Not really an MMO, it’s a lobby with instanced scenarios and to be honest has more in common with Counter Strike than it does an MMORPG. It is a really enjoyable game though and I can’t recommend it enough as a free to play game. It does have a fairly harsh learning curve at first I would say to anyone just starting it, stick with it, upgrade your tank and learn its role. Once you get the hang of it you’ll have a great time, as long as you like tanks of course…

APB Reloaded
I was one of the poor suckers that bought the original game and was then shafted when Real Time Worlds went BOOOOOOOOOM! I hadn’t been that impressed with how it played and then I got burnt by the game closing, so I was in two minds about whether to try out the new F2P version. I have to say I am really glad I did. It has been MUCH improved from the original simply by the new developers making it so that where you aim your gun actually has relevance to if you hit your target and the car handling is way better than before. APB is an extremely entertaining game; it’s not the full PvP carnage you may expect, but when on missions against other players and in teams it can be hilarious. Example of a classic moment I had the other day…

I was on a mission and for whatever reason I was driving like crazy through the streets with a car full of criminal players chasing me. They were hanging out of their car shooting mine up with machine guns, my car was getting battered and I was in serious trouble. As my car started to smoke I leapt out, the car rolled on, the criminal’s car came alongside it, unfortunately for them exactly at the moment I opened up with a shotgun into the back of my own car… The petrol tank must have got hit, because it exploded in a BIG way and with the criminals right next to it, the explosion took their car out and killed them all! I cackled with glee in real life. :D

So yes, APB Reloaded is another F2P game that I would say is well worth a download. I’ve no idea on its longevity and I personally will only dip in and out casually, but as a free game? No reason not to try it out.


  1. You, sir, have managed to pump up my curiosity for APB.

    I might download it later today or during the night, to check how it holds up these days

  2. Reigstered and Installed APB as well... didnt get further then logging in and setting up gfx and such but will try it this holiday weekend! 4 days of gaming... yeah ;-)

  3. So in WAR at the moment, I am a returning player held back by the boring rvr in tiers 1 and 3 (tier 2 was ok as at least there was some small scale/keep takes on the regular). Is the fastest way to level just quests and scenarios until lotd or rats rats and champ rats until land of the dead?

  4. I'm not really sure about those tiers today really as at the point I returned my DoK was lvl 36, so I just went to Land of the Dead. I would imagine a good group farming the champ rats until LotD, but sorry mate I'm not entirely sure...

  5. Hm, from what I read on other blogs, T3 RvR is now more fun than ever. But I'm not subbed so I don't really know, that's just the impression I get.

    I never got APB, but it seemed a fun concept and was sad to see it go down. Will have to have a go now that it's free.

    Another one of those "game dies, asian developer buys it, releases it F2P" cases is Hellgate: London. If they managed to fix APB I'm curious what they can do with Hellgate, would love to see that game as it was intended.

  6. S'fine Boots, thanks also Blaq. Guess I'll have to dip my toe in the proverbial waters.


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