Tuesday 24 May 2011

Hot air in a windy city

As you should have heard by now from Mykiel and Werit, this year Mythic are making an appearance at Gamesworkshop’s next big event in the US; Gamesday Chicago. Some are of the belief that this will be to herald big news for WAR, something of the scale of a true expansion or 3rd faction.

I wouldn’t get too excited.

Obviously I would be delighted if it was something of such magnitude, but I just can’t believe that it will be. I think it is far more likely to be about the Sigmar’s Tide event and we get a single new dungeon or instance, or I suppose it could possibly be the return of Fortresses, but whatever it is I really don’t think it’s going to be that exciting in the grand scheme of things. I’ll just settle for something fun and a little bit new, as to expect much more is just asking for a big letdown should nothing truly significant turn up.

I don’t mean to sound negative, just trying to stay grounded, but with WAR’s current lack of funding, backing and advertising, it’s best to aim your hopes low and then anything else is a bonus.

Of course if Mythic were to deliver some proper OMG big news, then it would be a coup of epic proportions and I will pray at their chaos altar. Though just the aforementioned bonus would be nice.


  1. If you want to be an optimist then you have to put it like this...

    Even though SWTOR has eaten up all the talent,resources and cash you have to say that this particular beast is nearing some very very large milestones if it is to be ready to ship in the autumn.

    Now assuming that Bioware doesnt just fire them all of these guys once those milestones are reached, some of these people are going to need something to do. Yeah most will remain on SWTOR for bug fixing and releasing new stuff during for that 3 month hump. But it seems inevitable that someone will be forced to go back to the CV booster that WAR is. Thus its inevitable that someone will code something new eventually.

    If you want to be realistic...
    Most likely Mythic probably have a contractual obligation to support this game for 3-5 years before they can dump the IP without having to fork out large amounts of cash to GW. GW are probably despairing that WAR is not the IP cash fountain that they had (desperately) thought it would be. So the two together have decided to try to raise the profile of the game amongst a group of (war)gamers who have almost certainly all heard of it before 3 years ago and have either definitely quit or are still being hoovered for $15 a month.

    On the face of it then it makes no sense whatsoever for them to be there unless it is to announce something amazing like new pets or pet dye or pet housing or anything else utterly pointless like a pet that vanishes in a rvr zone for an rvr game.

    The fact it makes no sense means it is probably the most likely cause of action. QED Mythic's Law.


  2. I think the days of big news, semi big news or 'hope' have passed. I suppose it's interesting that they're intending to go.

  3. I think that's very wise Bootae, I feel the same way. Mythic have hinted at a few things in the future and none of it is major from what I gather. So getting worked up over this doesn't add up. That said, I do think it's a positive move. Anything is, that suggests the game is alive and well.

    With no other mmo offering this level of pvp and nothing really on the horizon (swotr looks like more pve to me) there is plenty of life left in WAR. It's a real shame that they don't appear to have the resources to capitalize on this, as there is still a very loyal player base out there.

    One thing that this Games Day appearance makes me think is that Sigmar's Tide might actually be a bigger deal than I first thought. Combine this timing with Werit's recent findings and we might actually have a new instance/dungeon. Which would be great :)

  4. I have just one wish: PLZ dont introduce new gear that will make the gear gap wider.


  5. Hehe, I think most people would be satisfied with a better campaign.


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