Thursday, 28 April 2011

Just one more block... with sushi

What little gaming time I've had lately has in the main been spent in Minecraft. I've been building a castle inspired by the awesome real life version in Osaka, Japan. The video below is my first ever vid and I rushed editing and stuff in like 5mins just now, so this seriously is a million miles away from a proper Kill Frenzy standard video :P

The castle itself is very much work in progress and I've also got a truck load of work to do to sculpt the island itself to the idea in my head... but this is it starting to take shape.


  1. Argolo(RealTootzi)28 April 2011 at 11:47

    I wait for a WAR blog post and you give us this?

    This clearly must be some kind of Super mario NES fetish and I really hope you will get sane soon :)

    And btw, since my transfer to Norn, I have been enjoying WAR alot. Great server...

    ...nice video...

  2. Oh you'll get a WAR post soon mate, worry not. Just testing the waters with my return to Norn as we speak.. ;)

    But seriously don't diss Minecraft, it is proper awesome :D

  3. Yeah! Minecraft! Pffft. On to the main course pls Bootae :D

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on being back-ish. :) T


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