Tuesday 10 May 2011

A return to WAR; first thoughts

I'm back playing WAR and I am back enjoying playing it. This is good. The latest patch has greatly improved the horrible gear and renown balance situation that 1.4 introduced. It's not perfect by any means and there is still far too much influence from gear and RR on a fight's outcome for my taste, but it's acceptable again. I say "for my taste", but it's not something I really expect from a MMO to do differently, the whole gear and ever increasing stats thing is utterly ingrained in the genre. At least it is in the mainstream games, there is the odd exception where the main factor is a player's skill, but not many.

Anyway, tangent done... so yeah WAR plays much better again and my alts that got ruined by 1.4 are once again playable. Well, mostly. Obviously characters between about RR25 and RR50 are total shite, but they shouldn't take long to get up to more meaningful levels. It will be a shitty, dull, leeching grind to do so mind you (assuming the characters were already 40).

The thing is, the RR issues were MY main problem with 1.4, but that doesn't mean they were for everyone. The campaign, zerging, small RvR lakes, the terribad Skaven implementation, buggy PvE and the lack of new content of any meaningful magnitude all remain exactly as they were.

So while my immediate first impressions of my return to WAR are good, I wouldn't want people to think suddenly everything is sorted. Mythic have fixed (probably as best as possible in the circumstances) one of the biggest flaws of 1.4, but they still have a lot to do. Sorry, make that a LOT to do.

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  1. Just pm CotG if you guys want some fun events again.


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