Thursday 26 May 2011

Mythic monsters

Having to rush this post as I've got a RIFT dungeon run tonight, so sorry for any spelling issues...

Today mythic have some info for us about, amongst things, the Sigmar's Tide event. It includes a new scenario set (as predicted) in the Bright Wizard College and some open world RvR activities to do. The scenario includes some kind of monster play feature as players can gain control of a fire elemental type beastie. When looked at purely in the context of a live event, this all sounds pretty good. Of course players are already ignoring that context and complaining that this isn't anywhere near the amount of new content or changes the game needs.

And they'd be right. But this is about the live event and we don't know what is (or isn't...) getting announced at Chicago Gamesday which it appears will be a month after this has already gone live, so sounds like I've got that one wrong and perhaps they do have something more than this to talk about. I'll not be getting hyped about it mind you, I remain wracked with doubt. So despite this the event itself sounds good.

Also we can see in that first post that 1.4.3 goes live in June. The only mention of what it includes is a new accessory set. So, uhm, ok. Have to wait and see if 1.4.3 brings us anything to care about or not.

And then finally we have a new dev discussion about monsterplay, or as Mythic calls it, Play as Monster. This leads me to feel a little uncomfortable about where this could end up. Aside from the incredibly bad idea, sorry... the INCREDIBLY BAD AND BLOODY STUPID IDEA of having Skaven playable for both factions instead of Lizardmen for Order, the implementation has not worked out very well at all and isn't even vaguely popular. People wanted new playable races and classes, not temporary skins with a few abilities, that you can only choose to use occasionally. So the thought of more of this is not in any way appealing.

Sure I guess there are ways it could be made a bit more appealing, but it will never, EVER, be as well received as actual new races and careers. Mythic need to HTFU, admit they got it wrong and do it properly. Sorry Mythic, I wub you guys and all, but that is the reality of how utterly mediocre the Skaven turned out and the only way you'd really improve it. For now it remains a missed opportunity of E P I C proportions. I've no idea where you'd get the money to sort this of course, but it really could be so much better if monster play was dropped.


  1. I had ONE wish: no more OP gear and now they introducing "a new accessory set".

    OMG, why did i ever thing Mythic learned their lesson with 1.4...


  2. That playable fire elemental just look silly xD

  3. This is the first time I hear of this new accessory set. I'm not sure what it's about. BUT, if there's one thing I've always complaiend about in the game was that there were no good jewelry sets for casters of any sorts until you start wearing Warlord, ToVL glyphs or LotD jewel sets.

    There's actually a surprisingly high number of jewelry sets out there for rk 3X but they inevitably revolve around strength or wounds and toughness.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I'm fine with more jewelry, being the girl I am, as long as it fills a void that needs filling and doesn't create a new gap we just hurdled over.

  4. The thing that boggles me the most about the Skaven debacle is how Mythic somehow seemed oblivious to the fact that the small playerbase left was probably a lot of die hard warhammer fans for whom seeing dwarves and skaven working side by side was the same as parking a McDonald's in Altdorf. May as well change the name of the game entirely at that point. I can't even pretend I'm in the warhammer world when I think about playing WAR anymore. It was coasting along pretty smooth before 1.4 but that just screwed it all up.


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