Wednesday 1 September 2010

Werit's Arsenal shoots and scores

Arsenal has two important meanings; one is a storage facility for weapons and ammo, the other is a London based football team that plays truly beautiful football, but is unfortunately full of whinging cry babies, dirty cheating bastards and has a myopic Frenchman for a manager.

Werit, bless his dwarven beard, is creating something that combines the former with a little bit of the latter, as he’s building a weapon and armour database for WAR and in my book that counts as going beyond the rest of us and our standard blogdom and trying to score a rather high quality goal. It’s only in the alpha stage, but our little stuntie friendy is beavering away and updating regularly and you can instantly see the potential for the future with Werit’s goal being, as he describes it:

Why another item db? My goal is for this to be clean, quick and up to date.

So be sure to check it out and support this up and coming WAR resource: Arsenal of WAR

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