Friday 3 September 2010

OMG it’s a Squig Apocalypse!

Last night Kill Frenzy and our alliance (Tainted, Dark Omen, Blood Pollution, The Unlikely Plan and Rigante) went on a Squig Frenzy. A giant WAAAGH of Squig Armoured characters zerging and ganking anything we could find.

We peaked at 36 Squig Herders split over two warbands, all with Squig armour active and all with Squig pets beside us, which meant we were charging in with a total of 72 Squigs… It was quite a sight to behold as this screenshot from Greez (Ironbreaker from Red Guard) shows.

Only problem was we had a mere 8 level 40 Squig Herders, everyone else ranged from level 9 to 37 and there wasn’t enough apprentices to go round. As such our warbands were often more visually intimidating then actually effective, though we did wipe a few groups out through pure shock and awe and provided the odd distraction for other Destruction to capitalise on. Oh and we did the everyone assist target plinking during a keep defense which was quite lethal, until an infamous Order guild with a high proportion of Bright Wizards decided to melt our little goblinoid faces. One day I’ll have a full warband of level 40 Squig Herders under my control, one day… Then you’ll be sorry :P

After dicking about in RvR we headed off to a few locations to get some more specific footage for our next Kill Frenzy (and friends!) video. Keep an eye out for that in the near future!


  1. It was indeed a fun(gus) night.

    grats to all Alliance gits that came and joined the bouncing. you all deserve an extra serving of mushrooms :)

    can't wait for the video to be finished cuz, as Veno would say, "it will be great"

  2. "it will be great"

    I firmly believe we have the craziest guild, and alliance in WAR

  3. That is classic! Looking foward to the video!

  4. lol that was awesome :D

    Looks like it was mad fun!!

  5. The UI in the above screen shot, which addon/UI tool is that? I like the look of it.

  6. Wasn't my screenshot, but I think it's YakUI.

  7. I dont think thats YakUI, or else its a different version that Im running

  8. Yeah ... I'd run.

  9. the UI might be a modded version of Yakui. at least the style of and addons are similar to those found in Yakui.

    however layout is very different from the standard. the infobar in the bottom is unknown to me.

  10. Its a UI I made aaaaages ago, before anyone thought about creating something like YakUI. It contains quite a few addons and took me a while to set up. Could list them I suppose if anyone is interested, or upload it, if someone tell me what the package should contain.

    Venorath - info bar is SNT_info, version from WAR beta times.

  11. oh yeah, forgot about that. it is actually part of my UI, just skinned differnetly.

    on the topic of squigs... need more video

  12. Lovely that you managed to show the one screenshot where I'm not featured.

    But I'll get my 15 minutes, you'll see... You'll all see....


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